Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ten marks of a cultural Catholic

Catholic Collar and Tie has an interesting and profound post on the modern malaise of being person rather than God focused in our spiritual lives.

We need more culture than this in our Catholic lives

The post author, Father Gary Dickson uses the phrase "culturally Catholic" by which I believe he means surrounding ourselves with the elements of the Faith that inspire us in our daily lives and act as a beacon to others in showing them what we believe in and stand for.

I thought that it might be interesting to list those acts and signs that are the mark of someone who is "culturally Catholic" not that this is, by itself, a fulfilment of our spiritual lives, more a reminder of who and what we should be.

1. A crucifix in the home

2. Having your home blessed

3. Saying grace before meals (in the home and out of it)

4. Reciting the Rosary daily

5. Displaying religious statues or pictures

6. Wearing the scapular or a holy medal

7. Inscribing the threshold lintel on the Feast of the Epiphany

8. Dressing appropriately for Mass, males as well as females

9. Having holy water and blessed candles at hand

10. Ownership of a home Douai Bible

And before anyone says it, these are external signs; we also need to incorporate the internal ones if we are to call ourselves Catholic.


  1. More so how one acts, behaves and treats others.

  2. I have never heard of #7. We also don't have a lintel so would you use the door jam? Our header would be covered over with drywall.

  3. Kathy, I think the top of the door beam is the ideal place, see this link for more information, it is a beautiful commitment of one's home to God each year.

    Tony Flavin, read the last paragraph.

  4. Mr Flavin, if you had read the last paragraph which reminded us of the importance of the internal necessities of the faith, why did you feel the need to restate the point.
    Are you concerned that we do not know or are not able to understand the difference?

  5. Anyone can be good in the general sense, treat others well, etc. including those who don't know God - we have natural reason which makes morality in the limited sense available to us. Catholicism is more - it requires assent to the Deposit of Faith. Physical signs in the home are very powerful - and indicative of the faith of those whose home it is. A home with lots of secular iconography with no crucifix is likely the home of persons given over to secularism.

  6. Point 11. Carrying a pocket Bible (at least the 4 gospels)and a rosary in your purse/ briefcase. It definitely helps when you are in need of divine assistance.

  7. Good addition Remedia, thank you.

  8. Thank you for this. Time for me to google "threshold lintel"! The exterior signs of our faith should flow from and deepen our interior love for Our Lord and His Church.