Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's not that I'm paranoid......

....but someone's out to get me!

Oh no! Not the limp lettuce leaf...anything but that....please!

Observant readers may have noticed the rapid decline of my voting poll in the sidebar. Four days ago, the tally was 140 souls who had voted, virtually all utterly opposed to Muslim Prayer Rooms in Catholic Schools.
Roughly 5% were in favour (who they?) I think I can guess.

Now, my poll has been snaffled, hacked, got at, knobbled......the votes have disappeared and only a few voters are appearing, something like 10, (sniff!).

I am, of course, not pointing a finger at any individual or coven group. It might well have been a blip on Blogger, who knows?

But, in the light of approaches that have been made to me, it may be worth repeating my new mantra, that names of signatories will not be revealed to any person other than their Graces, Smith & Mennini.

I know that quite  few Catholic teachers have signed up, considerably distressed at what is going on.

I know that the forces of greyness would not hesitate to bring influence to bear to persecute these good people.

It is an irony, is it not? That Catholic persecution in the western world today, is undertaken by those in authority within the Church and their insipid feminist hangers on.

On the plus side is the fact that, being attacked by these people is rather like going three rounds in the ring with a limp lettuce leaf!

If you have not done so, please sign by leaving your name in the comment box or by emailing me on

And - if you don't know what all this is about, please visit my more recent posts.


  1. Catholic schools are established for the transmission of civilization to Catholic children, and should be provided with a Catholic chapel. The Home Office, Parliament, some local council, or fashion can require provision for the worship of false gods or false interpretations of Christianity.

  2. And someday I will learn to slow down and craft sentences more carefully -- The Home Office et all can NOT require...

  3. Et al.

    Pray for my language skills.

  4. Philip Johnson.muslim prayers in a catholic school-disgraceful!!I fully support the petition.god bless.

  5. I suggest everyone votes again.

  6. I am very glad you have brought this odious practice into the light, Mr. Collins. It is beyond disgusting to have prayer rooms for a demonic 'religion' at a Catholic school. The great apostasy is in full effect sadly. May St. Michael pray for us. +JMJ+

  7. Richard, Are we to resubmit our vote ?

  8. I blame the lack of leadership from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. When rogue freelance deacons go on the rampage unchecked, the flock will suffer. Feed my sheep.