Saturday, 4 May 2013

The low road for Cardinal O'Brien

Maybe the hat should depart also

A tragic end to a vocation as a priest, Bishop and, finally, Cardinal.
Damian Thompson reports (see HERE) that Cardinal Keith O'Brien has been told to leave Britain by the powers that be in the Vatican.

Sad but good.

Anyone who is in a position of sacred trust and obedience who then carnally ignores all rules (and plays the hypocrite card) deserves no less.

He has brought more shame and degradation to Holy Mother Church.

But, he is worthy of God's forgiveness and he is also more than worthy of our prayers.

I suspect that he will need them.

But we cannot say: "Haste ye back Your Eminence"

My thanks to JP for the nudge.

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  1. It's a sad end for us. I take this as a disappointment. I take it personally. I live half way round the world. With more and more disappointment within the Church I feel beleaguered. I am probably guilty of the sin of pride manifested as hurt feelings. Do these unfaithful men know the pain they bring to the faithful...