Sunday, 19 May 2013

If you were the regional director of Walmart or BMW......

....or any other corporation that saw......

1. A 70% fall in customer enrolment

2. A 50% drop in new customer sales

3. A 56% decline in staff recruitment

What would you do?

           Fall on your sword?

                          Try to implement change?

                                      Analyse what was wrong about your strategy
                                       and adopt a well tested approach?


....carry on with the same old weak and listless methods?

Please view the Latin Mass Society statistics for England and Wales HERE
and ponder on why and how our Bishops, given such clear evidence (over the past 50 years but, especially, now), have continued to offer no return to orthodox Catholicism that teaches moral clarity and doctrinal certainty.


  1. And yet all we hear is how great Vatican II was and how it brought in "fresh air" into the Church. At some point, the leadership of the Church is going to have to face facts and realize the wrecking of the liturgy and abandonment of tradition and heterodox teaching have done nothing but caused a tremendous loss of faith in the world. Restore the TLM as the ordinary form of the Latin rite, rid the Church of the homo-heretics, and teach orthodox Catholic doctrine and discipline and the Holy Church will grow once again. We can do it our way or do it God's way. I think we have seen the results of doing things our way.

  2. And, if you were a customer of this corporation, you would be looking out for another supplier because you could see your present supplier was not going to survive...

    ER, the Church doesn't quite work like Walmart or BMW, though, does it .... Oops, let's go back to that analogy ...

  3. There is endless human capacity to believe that if something isn't working you simply up the ante and do more of it. This is especially so when group-think kicks in, as we've witnessed with governments.
    It's exactly group-think which negates "thinking out of the box," "blue-skies thinking" or whatever you want to call it, because anyone with a truly radical idea is cast as a pariah or, possibly, a swivel-eyed loon.

  4. Toss the felt banners, guitars, and GATHER hymnals into a bonfire of the inanities.

    1. Mostly the Gather hymnals...we've been using those since I've been at my parish, so 14 years...God willing, I will be the first priestly vocation at my parish in about that same time...this is in a parish of thousands...coincidence? I think not!

  5. It's a matter of self-protection by the political elite in the Church. Besides, things have gone in the direction they want.

  6. Then there is that other old saying: "The result achieved is the result that was intended."

  7. CR...absolutely.
    Thanks Joe, Genty, Lynda, AP and Mack,
    Nick, I have never seen a Gather hymnal but I dislike it already from what you have said.