Thursday, 23 May 2013

Catholic Portugal and Catholic gilt

This is a panorama of just some of the sights of Catholic Portugal (plus a few secular-ish ones).

Here and there I have dedicated a shot to other bloggers whom I admire and whom fit the bill as far as the picture is concerned.

On my left is a slightly fuzzy confessional, it must be used by the more liberal of the brethren.

I have not dedicated this to anyone lest I cause offence and, as you know, I just hate doing that.

It must take a brave soul to confess at this box as there is the capacity for a sinner each side, no more than three feet apart.

Speak softly lest.....

This most beautiful of depictions of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus hangs in the Museum attached to the Church of St Roch (Sao Rocque)
In the centre of Lisbon.

Because of its Eastern influence (or origins) I dedicate it to Fr Athanasius McVay.

And, below, a real nun, a Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate from the Philipines but residing in Italy. God bless her.

And, for Mulier Fortis, a cat. What else?
And the grand entrance to the Monastery of
 Sao Geronimo, Belem. A must for anyone visiting Lisbon.
For my good friend, Charlie J, a rather
bling type of chasuble (he likes those)
                                           And more real nuns! This time at Fatima
How about Schindler's Lift? Silly really.
Dedicated to Catholic and Welsh who
has a similar sense of humour to mine
(I think)
Oh my! No, it's not Eccles and Bosco but a couple
of happy (gay?) bearded turbanned people.
Is that pc enough? From an ex monastery in Sintra
And here are Father Sid and Father Reg.
They are from the Order of Polyesters Rampant

And that's it. I am sorry if I have not included your blog, no offence intended, it's just that I ran out of suitable pics.



  1. "Schindler's Lift" -- delightful! Thank you!

  2. dear Richard, You surely make Eccles proud. Bosco ?
    I 'm not sure. Poor fellow doesn't have the sense he was born with.

  3. As for the two fellows practicing their Hand Wave of Peace, I suggest that they might be hydraulics engineers wearing TURBINES on their heads.


  4. Mack.... a fellow punster - great!

  5. I love seeing the Real Nuns! ♥♥♥

  6. Thanks very much - I only just saw this!