Friday, 10 May 2013

Breaking news re Boston College and Enda Kenny

Mary O'Regan at The Path Less Taken has breaking news on the College invitation to Enda Kenny HERE


  1. Thank you so much, Richard. I spoke with Cardinal O'Malley about Enda Kenny and his plans to make abortion available in Ireland. Good on Cardinal O'Malley, whose ethnic roots are in Mayo and Clare, for standing up and not attending a ceremoney that gives glory to a politician who show such contempt for Ireland's unborn. A child is still a child, even if their mother is suicidal.

    God bless your blogging, Mary

  2. The draft legislation is irrational, unjust and unconstitutional.

  3. I emailed both Kenny and left no bones about what I thought of him -in polite but verbose language-and then I emailed Fr leahy at boson college using the letter that fr Blake had put up on his blog.
    this is partially good news ,especially after coming in from Mass in the EF this am

  4. Terminate Kenny? Enda story!

  5. Let us pray that all / most / many / a faithful remnant of the graduates will gather elsewhere to pray the Rosary for the Holy Innocents.

    Shame on the P.M. -- a fashionable Herod is still a Herod.