Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A call to arms!

It has been suggested that other Catholic bloggers might like to involve themselves with the issue of Muslim Prayer Rooms in Catholic Schools and help collect signatories for the letter that will be sent to Archbishop Peter Smith next week.

We do need your help....please link to my post or ask for those who wish their name to be added to the letter (not to be publicised) to email me on  or to leave their name in the comment box HERE

Thank you


  1. i think the poster you have here is from the WW1 conscription referendums in Australia-where our volunteer army (387000) was in need of new blood and the PM of the day-a Welshman William Morris Hughes set up a referendum to bring in conscription. He was opposed by the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Daniel mannix,who with Hughes actually added to sectarianism here that fortunately was cast by the wayside in the late 60's and 70s'.

  2. Gervase, thank you for that information, I am very pleased with that account. I was too carried away by the imagery than to wonder at its provenance.