Saturday, 25 May 2013

Australia Incognita has a good post on the Woolwich aftermath

Of course, those in authority are taking good care not to make any remarks that could be interpreted as inflammatory; the last thing anyone wishes to see now is recriminatory action or, heaven forbid, copycat actions.

But there is a certain amount of cant in the air. Nick Clegg quoting (selectively) from the Koran.

A great deal of attempting to distance the Muslim faith from this act of barbarity - but, the fact is, in many Muslim countries the authorities themselves dish out barbaric sentences on Christians.

Stoning and flogging are relatively common in Saudi, Nigeria and some of the Gulf States; Islam does have a savage facet and the Koran has passages on both peace and on vengeance against the 'infidel'.

Kate Edwards has a sound post on the subject of Islamic denialism, you may read it HERE


  1. As always my fellow countrywoman speaks with Christian clarity .
    Pity some of our religious and political leaders don't ,and why did Pope Francis not mention that the martyrs of Ortranto were killed by Muslims rather than deny Christ? I reckon and Orthodox leader would have

  2. Yes, I was astonished at how swiftly politicians and the BBC fell over themselves to absolve belief in Islam of any connection with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, or any other atrocity committed by Islamists in the UK.
    The point was hammered home with the same emphasis as the expression of revulsion at the horrific killing.
    The theme was expanded with a sympathetic interview on the Today programme this morning. Frankly, it was puke-making
    While it may be right for the police to feel the collars of those who insult Muslims on social media, the establishment is wilful in its neglect to act against Islamic hate preachers who make it their business to influence susceptible youths into acts of terror.