Monday, 20 May 2013

"Disabled children should be put down"

There's something in the smile

That anyone could be so callous and crass in making such a statement is beyond comprehension, yet that is what, allegedly, Cornish Councillor, Colin Brewer has said.

Both The Independent and The Huffington Post carried the story, extracts below:-

The Cornish councillor who was re-elected despite saying that disabled children "should be put down because they cost too much money" has again insisted that there may be a case for killing some disabled children with high support needs.
Speaking to Disability News Service, Colin Brewer said he was not the "ogre" he had been made out to be, adding that constituents in his rural ward had shaken his hand and congratulated him, despite his controversial comments.
Looking for analogies to support his view, Brewer compared disabled children to farmers' treatment of animals, telling the agency: “If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang!”
He continued: "We are just animals. He [the farmer] obviously has got a point… You can’t have lambs running around with five legs and two heads.”
Brewer said: “It [the lamb] would be put down, smashed against the wall and be dealt with.”
He said the financial "burden" of the disabled wasn't just his own personal concern”, adding: “If you are talking about giving services to the community or services to the individual, the balance has got to be struck.”
He sought to justify his original comments by saying that that had suffered a series of strokes before the incident, which might explain why he “flared up”. "People have said I have changed since those strokes,” he added.
Independent councillor Brewer made the comments to Theresa Court, who works for Disability Cornwall, while she was manning a stall at the County Hall in Truro in October 2011.

We all know, do we not, that if Cllr Brewer had made similar remarks about gay couples or Muslims, he would have had his collar felt immediately.


  1. his own admission the Honorable Councillor, too is disabled; thus ,he might want to look up a couple of good, sturdy farmers to bash his head against a stone wall.

    And of course not. Human life is a sacred and objective good.

    May God have mercy on us all.

  2. Brewer said: “It [the lamb] would be put down, smashed against the wall and be dealt with.”

    I wonder if the RSPCA approve of this manner of dispatching animals?

  3. Mack, just a good Don Camillo type chat would do the trick.

    Patricius, of course, the RSPCA would be up in arms over such an equivalent remark. The times we live in.

  4. And why not have a lamb with two heads and five legs running around?

    Actually reading this post has made me speechless because it's full of horrible thoughts and words. How upsetting.