Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How charismatic Catholics are damaging the Faith

It's easy to poke fun at odd groups within the Church; traditionalists, liberals, charismatics and the like.

But I do find that, seeing the humorous side helps me get through the gut wrenchingly awful liturgical abuses that surround us.

I have always had a particular aversion to charismatics and can see no reason why one has to pray holding an invisible balloon or swaying and waving to the music.

Does God really enjoy watching His children behaving in such a fashion?

I think not.

Here is a clip from Brazil showing some of the more banal aspects of this form of worship.

The sub titles, quoting the words of the priest, tend to use the word "I" rather a lot but then it seems to me that charismatic worship is more "I" focused than "God" focused - or am I being unfair?

Judge for yourself:


  1. The way he speaks of "followers" is weird. Parishes have members not followers. The word here suggests the culture of celebrity- as does his handling of a microphone.I've nothing against a decent PA system but the hand-held microphone is very expressive of the rock star/ performer persona.

  2. Thumbs down from me, but of course I don't live in Brazil.
    Seems spiritually dangerous for the priest,who could become a virtual 'pop star' to his congregation, not healthy!

  3. OMG. I can't even watch it past the 40 second mark. What is a priest doing singing like that in front of the congregation at Mass?!

    I came into the Church from a Pentecostal church full of "holy rollers", and the charismatic Catholics wanted me to join their group. I had no desire to do so. I sensed there was something more to be had by NOT waving hands and dancing. I was attracted to the Holy Eucharist, not the music or the dancing or swaying and clapping hands.

  4. If this is what the liturgy is like during the last two weeks of Lent, I dread to think what it must be like during Eastertide!

  5. I live in a "Charismatic" pastoral area.Our pastoral mission due to start in November will be charismatic.

  6. A thoughtful person can only loathe the look-at-me, me, me handwaving and armpit drying; all this is one with crude felt banners and three-chord guitarists. The Mass is about God, not about a self-indulgent subculture that was stillborn in 1968.

    No, I don't have to be polite about those who pollute the Mass.

  7. Vanity, Vanity !! It makes me shudder !

  8. I was raised in a Charismatic/Pentecostal church. One of the many reasons I turned to Catholicism from that type of "worship" is because the Mass is focused on God, not on self or on the performance of a specific person.

    It seems dangerous and insulting to me to turn it into something that appeals more to emotionalism and a desire for entertainment and focusing on oneself instead of on Christ.

  9. I think you are off to Fatima by now so I hope you and Mrs Linen have a wonderful time.

    Having been a witness to some of the 'things' that go on in Catholic Charismatic Renewal I can verify that the primary problem is with charismatic leaders who fail to promote the Catholic faith within their programs and conferences. I could speak for a long, long time about this, but will not bore you today.

    As far as I am concerned there appears to be a tendency to use protestant theology rather than the correct Catholic theology (some are better than others).

    However, in the interest of balance I will say that where a charismatic family are steeped in the Faith there can be some positive things that come out of it. Some strictly adhere to Humanae Vitae and will say the rosary with their children. Whether or not this is widespread I cannot say, but it does happen.

    I am not charismatic, but I believe the most important thing to remember is that the charisms are the preserve of the Catholic Church, and were the armour of the great saints. All the charisms are within the church, they are available to every Catholic, and therefore there is not necessarily any need need for a separate charismatic group.

    Charismatic renewal is growing in this country and it may very well be that God has opened this pathway up (who am I to say otherwise). Even in this issue the problems boil down to the 'Spirit of Vatican II'. Where Catholics believe in the Faith (even if they struggle with it) good things happen. When they go down the 'spirit of Vatican II path then things start to unravel and fall apart. It is all connected.

  10. What I don't understand about people who claim to be faithful Catholics, such as Charismatics, particularly, is why they - generally - don't join with the rest of us faithful Catholics in standing up against the worst and most widespread evils in our society, such as abortion, contraception, homosexual behaviour, etc. Many of them seem trapped in an inward-looking, feel-good round of prayer meetings and retreats while not bringing the Faith and Morals into the public square, their secular world being separated and compartmentalised from the Faith and morality. That has been my experience of most "Charismatic" individuals and groups over decades. Something very wrong there.

  11. Richard why are you posting videos of BGT Brazil's Got Talent.

  12. Don't to go to Brazil to get that warm charismatic fuzzy feeling. Just pop along to your local evangelical charismatic RCIA lay preacher fest at a RC Church near you. But please don't mention purgatory, confession, penance, the four last things and especially not SIN. I got heckled out the room for daring to try. Catholic? I think not. The irony is many of these people are resolutely anti abortion etc and morally on message. what's going wrong? Why then are our Faiths dogmas so irrelevant and unknown to these people? No there was not a priest in sight here.