Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The list of signatories is growing...

.....some 29 strong as of 11.03am today.

We especially would like to hear from parents of children at Catholic Schools who may be concerned at this spread of Muslim Prayer Rooms in their children's schools.

Please send me your name, either by email, to  or in the comment box. Names will only appear on the letter to the Archbishops and not be shown publicly:

Hear is the letter again:

“Your Grace

We have been made aware of a number of Catholic Schools in your Archdiocese, where, in conflict with Catholic teaching and in direct contradiction of their mission statements, resources have been allocated to provide prayer rooms for Muslim pupils.

This is not an issue regarding Muslim pupils attending Catholic Schools, always provided that there is a shortfall in places.
Such attendance may be an opportunity for the Faith to be spread by good example and by observation on the part of the Muslim pupils.

It is concerned directly with the fact that this facility should not be provided on Catholic premises, especially a school setting where young people could, quite understandably, interpret the provision as a signal that there is no distinction between Islam and the Catholic Faith.

We hope that you will act to put an end to this practice and inform Headteachers, and also Chaplains, Priests and Deacons who may be involved in a pastoral role in the Catholic Education sector, to that effect.

We assure you of our prayers for you, your priests and all within your Archdiocese at all times”.


  1. Yes please, do add my name to the list!

    Marie-Claire Kaminski

  2. Add my name to the list!

    Uldis Mucenieks

  3. add my name!Catherine Geldart

  4. Feel free to add my name, if you want, and Mom and Dad would like to sign!
    Gavin Jordan, Teresa Jordan and Charles Jordan (Me!)

  5. Richard,
    A belated signature: Michael Addison!