Monday, 27 May 2013

Archbishop makes earth shattering address to Welsh Assembly

Wales has 30,000 Mass goers and 30,000 Catholic schoolchildren.
Erm.....something does not quite add up Your Grace
Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff Archdiocese has been in post now for....what can it be?....seems like centuries, but, in fact, this dynamic prelate has only been in the hot seat for a mere two years.

And, in that time, has the Archdiocese surged ahead and made inroads as far as the implementation of Summorum Pontificum?

Developed a doctrinally accurate religious instruction programme with integrity for Catholic Schools within its remit?

Made a stand against the secular powers of abortion, euthanasia, same sex you know what and so on?

Inspired his 47 or so priests to take up cudgels against the state and to launch a programme designed to bring back to the Faith those who have....drifted?

Hmm......not sure; don't think so, can't see any evidence to the contrary.

But...but....dear reader. Do not despair.

His Grace this very month has attended the seat of governance in Wales, the Welsh Assembly no less and addressed them.

Now, if you have suffered from ennui which is a clever word for boredom, you may have take up watching rocks to see whether or not they move.

Some, indeed, find that pastime rather too labour intensive and watch, instead, proceedings of The Welsh Assembly.......(stretch, yawn).

This forum is the one where they address each other by their Christian fore names, which makes it exceedingly banal as they are all called Dai.
Confusion is the end result.

Enough of this rambling, pull up an old chair and prepare for some really hot stuff, the address made by His Grace, George Stack to the Assembly on 7th May.

But, before you do, don't forget to take your heart pills or Prozac or whatever it is that soothes the savage beast; this is heady stuff....

Here it is...Catholic rhetoric at its very best.....

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  1. Did the earth move for me? No more than it did when I listened, in a semi-comatose state, to his homilies at Westminster Cathedral.
    He was so assiduous in promoting the "love the sinner, not the sin" mantra that he made it sound as if the sin committed the sinner. Little need for Confession, then.
    Definitely nu-Church.