Friday, 20 September 2013

"Would you like to light a candle?"

Setting the world on fire
There does not seem to be an abundance of good news (as opposed to Good News) in the Catholic Church at present and, at times, I find myself thanking the Lord for all the converts that He breathes the gift of Faith into.

Where would we be without our converts?

Who would chip in and correct us cradle Catholics when we make so many of our assumptive mistakes?

And God bless those converts who have made the double somersault.

The first somersault was when they were received into the Church; and the second....when they found their way to orthodoxy and the Old Rite Latin Mass.

I am especially impressed by those young men who converted to the Faith and then became priests. What a journey they have undertaken - and on our behalf.

So, when I read of young Catholics setting up an evening of evangelisation, my attention span suddenly bursts into life.

And when that evening of evangelisation takes place at my old parish church of St Patrick's, Soho Square, I tend to spill my evening glass of embalming fluid in my haste to read all about it.

Fr Alexander Sherbrook is the PP and an excellent man at that.

He would qualify for a five star excellent rating if he celebrated the Latin Mass but you can't have everything.

This account featured on Big Pulpit - always worth a daily read and the actual post is HERE.

Read it and rejoice.


  1. This Night Fever thing is quite impressive. I thought I would mention that in terms of Catholic youth stuff (really 18-35) things are improving. There really is stuff bubbling away under the surface, like Mr. Voris sometimes points out.

    I can't vouch that every traditionalist would give 10/10 for everything that is happening, but what I can say is that if things continue then the Church will hopefully be in a better state in 30 years time.

    I note that all the most successful initiatives are independent of the CBCEW and long may that continue.

    Also there is some slight acknowledgement that liberalism is bad in these 'independant' areas of youth work. A Youth 2000 video points out that their work is "not liberal" which I thought was a step forward and one of those small markers that it is worth taking a note of.

    I don't know if I've mention this, but the chap at Westminster Youth Ministry has said that diocesan youth teams have been told to include more tradition. I can't vouch for this happening on the ground), but at least someone is saying something somewhere.

    Night Fever is powerful because something which is successful is coming out of a traditional setting. The truth will out, if you know what I mean.

  2. Precisely, Mike. It is so very heartening. God bless them.