Thursday, 26 September 2013

Remains of King George VI to be re-interred in Westminster Cathedral

Well, that might give one or two folk in Lambeth Palace an attack of the vapours.

Let's imagine a few more public figures and where they might be re-buried.....

Queen Elizabeth I to be given a Requiem Mass at The London Oratory

or, maybe

Sir Ian Paisley to finish up (when he does actually die) at St James's, Spanish Place.

Stephen Fry (God bless him) when the time comes should, perhaps go to somewhere a little more humble, St Patrick's Soho Square, a mere stone's throw from a certain watering hole much favoured by the Fry fans.

But the whole concept of taking people away from their spiritual (or atheist) roots is risible.

Some 18 years ago, Tescos wanted to develop part of the Welsh town of Carmarthen so that they could have another superstore and massive car park.

The trouble was that the site that they identified as being the best they could get, had once been a monastery and cemetery for the monks.

Never ones to over worry about religious sensitivities, they went ahead to develop but not before agreeing for the mortal remains to be exhumed and re-buried accompanied by a full TLM, a Latin Mass no less.

It can be done. It should be done with the remains of Richard III.

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