Friday, 27 September 2013

Just what sort of a Catholic are you?

Want to know if you are a traditional Catholic, a liberal or a reactionary, misguided omadhaun?

"Umm....maybe I'm in the omadhaun category"

Take this test that will tell you precisely where you stand in the Church.

Left, right or centre.

Please check through from 1 to 12 selecting one option from each numerical unit.

Each point is a question based on an action, preference or belief:-

 1a) Prefer to receive Holy Communion standing and in the hand
 1b. Receive Holy Communion kneeling by mouth
 1c) Sitting in a circle and passing the Body of Christ around

2a) Dislike electric candles
2b) Have an affection for felt banners in church
2c) New age incense and Buddha sticks are your thing

 3a) Mass with clown priests and fancy tricks turns you on
 3b) You inhale deeply when the thurible passes by
 3c) Dancing on the sanctuary holds a certain fascination for you

4a) Latin is the universal language of the Church
4b) Inclusive language in all things man sorry! person
4c) Any language is OK (as long as it’s not Latin)

5a) Reserve hair and nail clippings just in case you become a saint
5b) Believe that we all go to heaven (apart from Adolf Hitler and a few others)
5c) Want to come back to earth as a butterfly

6a) Like Mass in churches that are rectangular with stained glass
6b) Prefer Masses in round churches round like a distorted spaceship
6c) Adopt a ‘let’s do it here’ approach as to where you attend Mass

7a) ‘‘Shine, Jesus Shine"
7b) "Faith of Our Fathers"
7c) "I wish I was a Wriggly Worm"

8a) Pray quietly with joined hands
8b) Hold the ‘invisible beachball’
8c) Wiggle your hands in the air whilst ululating

9a) Read the missal version of the kiss of peace
9b) Go for the full on lips approach
9c) Give your neighbour in the pew a bear hug

10a) Debate on the concept of hypostatic union in the pub
10b) Have difficulty in naming the seven sacraments
10c) Don’t know what a sacrament is

11a) Read The Catholic Herald
11b) The Catholic Times
11c) Remove old copies of The Tablet for re-cycling

12a) Drink vanilla and peach tea
12b) Red wine or real ale
12c) Alcohol free lager shandy

Now, here is the analysis of your scores:

If you answered as follows (1b/2a/3b/4a/5a/6a/7b/8a/9a/10a/11c/12b)

Then, congratulations, you are a true blue, traditional a Catholic - an asset to any parish.

We recommend:

Keeping on the path you have selected, the following steps will help you:-

a) Break into Salve Regina at the top of your voice when in the bank or supermarket
b) Ask your priest if he will drop the Lakota Mass and replace it with a Latin one.
c) Knee in the groin any professional parish 'greeter' who meets you outside church

However, if you scored read as: (1a/2b/3c/4c/5b/6b/7a/8b/9c/10b/11a/12c)

You are definitely in the liberal category (hard luck). You probably also favour women priests, married clergy and believe that mortal sin died the death some few minutes before Vatican II sat for the first time.

We recommend:

a) Buy a copy of the Catechism and memorise it
b) Say the following line before you climb into bed each night: "Dogma is unchangeable, the Catholic Church is our authority" - repeat this several thousand times.
c) Take more exercise - try touching the floor with your knees regularly.

And, finally, if you scored as follows:- (1c/2c/3a/4b/5c/6c/7c/8c/9b/10c/11b/12c)

You are a misguided omadhaun and need to purify your system, start by drinking five gallons of holy water a day and then:

We recommend:

a) Attend regular colonic irrigation sessions, North Korean style
b) Burn all unCatholic possessions such as buddha place mats and photographs of your bishop.
c) Cancel your liturgical dance classes and take up plainchant

And, should you fall outside of all of those categories, then, sorry, but you are on the wrong bus.

We recommend:

a) A do it yourself lobotomy kit comprising one club hammer and a cold chisel

And, if you conduct point a) successfully, you will be relieved to know that there is no point b) or c).


  1. It seems to me some of the choices do not admit of Catholicism, per se.

    1. Sorry for the lack of humour - its v hard to have fun with all of the evil abounding in the Church, and particularly in Ireland, at this time. Thanks.

    2. We can sympathize with that.

      The Church and the world is in a terrible crisis.

      Have hope, though. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart is coming.

      Keep fighting. Keep fighting for what's right and just. Keep fighting for the Faith. Don't ever give up.

      God bless you.


  2. LOL!

    This should be fun!

    My answers:

    1b: I prefer receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue.
    2b: I dislike electrical candles.
    3b: I inhale deeply when the thurible passes by.
    4a: Latin is the universal language of the Church.
    5a: Reserve hair and nail clippings just in case you become a saint.
    6a: Like Mass in churches that are rectangular with stained glass.
    7b: "Faith of Our Fathers".
    8a: I pray quietly with joined hands.
    9a: Read the missal version of the kiss of peace.
    10a: Debate on the concept of hypostatic union in the pub (Girls can't go to pubs, though! LOL!).
    11c: Remove old copies of The Tables for re-cycling.
    12a: Vanilla and peace tea.



  3. Not sure how the last is related, but I answered it anyway.


  4. #4 had me laughing. The language indeed has to be inclusive. Heaven forbid the word 'man' be used. "Human" "Person", "People" must always be used, lest anyone be offended or feel excluded. It is all about feelings nowadays.

    1. Human??? No! No! No! "Huperson", please. And don't forget "herstory".

  5. Guided omadhaun.The misguided part of the family never emigrated.