Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Come to Cardiff....

....a metropolitan city, one of Europe's least well known but full of character, pleasant brasseries, art galleries, museums, and a death clinic!

Err....not that one!

Come and spend a happy hour or two in exceedingly good company where you will make a few new friends and be insulted and abused for your Faith by many.

I am referring, of course to 40 Days for Life Cardiff, that begins on Wednesday 25th September.

What will you get out of your Cardiff Experience?

Well, grace will be bestowed upon you in plenty.

You may also, (if you are over a certain age) receive fallen arches and a touch of sciatica.
And, if you are younger, you will be enthused and inspired by standing up in public, praying the Rosary and singing the Salve Regina.

The Vigil will take place on the opposite side of the street from the BPAS abortuary at 106-107 St Mary's Street.

The organisers would be appreciative of online or phone booking (so that a supply of vigilantes (?) may be maintained at all times).

However, if you just happen to be passing by, I am sure that informal 'drop ins' would be welcome.

And, if you can't stop just yell out (as one young man did last time round) "God bless you all".

Here are the contact details for more information:

  Tel: 07580275698                                         


  1. Thanks for highlighting this critical action to fight the baby-killers in our midst. An Australian bishop, Archbishop Wilson of Adelaide has prohibited the 40 Days for Life from being supported in any way in his diocese. Yet another example of perversion on the part of the Catholic episcopate.

  2. Lynda, the smoke of satan has gone global.

    1. Richard i come from Adelaide,and it is very sad our archbishop is so unsupportive.margaret.