Friday, 6 September 2013

This morning I wrote a post on the poor......

....and how Fr Blake has been so scandalously treated by a stringer on his local rag, The Argus.

But, it seems that the Catholic blogging world and his friend have leapt to the defence of the good priest.

So, I have deleted my post because it was not as good as anybody else's and there is nothing worse than poor repetition.

But, you might be interested to know about the Argus.

The Argus is, (as any fule kno) a monster with one hundred eyes whose main task in life appeared to be to guard the white heifer.

Pray for Fr Blake who has this monster to contend with

Hermes did a good job by polishing him off with a stone.

This, story, of course, leads to the old chestnut.....

"What is the difference between a stringer on The Argus and a pilchard?"

Answer: One is oily, smelly and has poppy eyes.....and the other is a fish"

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