Monday, 2 September 2013

Indifferent Catholics, hypocritical Catholics - in Catholic Ireland

Back in the 1960s I regularly used to travel to Ireland for my summer holidays.

I loved the country, I liked the lifestyle and above all, I felt at home in a Catholic country where being a Mass goer was the norm.

Not any more.

The Michael Voris video clip below took place in Dublin but, my guess is that it could just as easily have been London or Glasgow or Cardiff (if you could find any Catholics to interview).

It shows the poor state of the Faithful, if one can call them that.


  1. Let me try to pick my jaw up off the floor now...

    I can't believe the extent of the Great Apostasy. It's truly pitiful. I couldn't dream of missing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sunday or disregarding the teachings of Holy Mother Church. May God have mercy on these poor people and the rest of those who claim to be Catholic.

    God bless.


  2. The rot started among bishops and priests. Most Irish people (like myself) born since 1960 were not taught the Faith but something positively contrary to the Faith, in their parishes. Most people quickly followed the attitude of their priests and stopped bothering with it, just went along with the materialist, amoral zeitgeist. Such bishops and priests not only failed to do their solemn duty but actively undermined the Faith and disdained the Faithful. Many bishops and priests prefer to please the anti-Catholics while acting with a snide contempt for those who know and practice the Faith and love the Church. There seems to be no will on the part of the Holy See to act. And in my opinion, the recent Visitations were wholly ineffective.

  3. Depressing, but interesting to see how many were the first generation to apostasize. Judging from my children's friends, many in Scotland (and I'd guess in the rest of the UK) are a couple of generations away from active practice.

    Just underlines I suppose the precipitous nature of the decline.

  4. Richard,
    If Ireland has spiritually gone down the pan so to speak (the great apostasy)-Are we next (UK)? God help us ALL -to catacombs we go!



  5. Ireland is the home of what Voris calls "The Church of Nice" as far as my experience goes and as I have blogged about myself here

    Years of relativism & dumbing down have all but broken the faith in Ireland and it has become more of a superstition than the proud tradition of holding and teaching the truth that it has always been. Exactly as Lynda states, this is largely because no one has taught the faith AT ALL, and instead try their best not to offend anyone with the truth. What did out Lord say about that again? Oh yeah, Mt 10:34

  6. WOW!Someone actually said, "It is No longer an obligation to go to mass on Sundays!!" Almost everybody who attend mass on Sunday's do so, out of family obligation. Sad indeed! Ireland has lost the faith.

    1. A priest tried to convince me recently (during the sacrament of confession in Ireland) that it was not a mortal sin, even a sin not to go to Holy Mass on Our Lord's Day, if it wasn't convenient! Yes, he actually said it was a matter of "convenience"! He also said one ought to receive the Holy Eucharist, no matter one's sins - Our Lord wants one to receive at all times, as often as possible! I bit down hard on my lip and said a prayer for him. I know the Faith and so could ignore this perilous advice - but what of the many who have heard only this distorted version of the "Faith"? How can they ever be in a state of grace and so grow in holiness and the gifts of the Holy Spirit?? There is no doubt we are living through the Great Apostasy.

  7. "Richard,
    If Ireland has spiritually gone down the pan so to speak (the great apostasy)-Are we next (UK)? God help us ALL -to catacombs we go!"

    Dear Michael, I was under the impression that we went down the pan a long time ago. I believe that by the time I was born (1989) we were well and truly down the pan. I have recently come to the conclusion that the UK was down the pan even by the time my Mother moved here from Burma which was 1953. Being down the pan is a way of life for Catholics in the UK, I think!

    The problem that we have nowadays is that at least the Romans had some respect for Christians in the catacombs - that was their sanctuary. I don't think modern secularists would allow us this luxury.

  8. Lynda, Rhoslyn is right, Britain is next (we are actually there). God bless you both.
    Thank you all, further comment from me would be superfluous.