Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bishop blogs carefully before appearing on television

The Bishop should know better than to make comments without apparently absorbing precisely what Fr Ray stated on his post.

And he should never have made an apology - a man out of touch with his Faith....and reality.

Here is the BBC News report on Fr Ray....view it at 9.55


  1. Indeed, Bp Conry's TV performance was lamentable. Whatever, happened to the 'strong and mighty pillars' that St John Fisher called upon bishops to become?

  2. Not available on iPlayer for me. Probably for the best . . .
    To be fair to +Conry, I don't suppose he understood a word of Fr. Blake's post, even if he read it himself. Getting down and dirty with Society's rejects is simply not part of his milieu.
    The bishop is not the brightest shilling in the pile; he seems to have a lot of difficulty comprehending the straightforward tenets of the Catholic faith.
    So expecting him to be attuned to nuance or irony is a pretty fruitless exercise.

  3. Bishop Conry's "apology" is disgraceful. He needs to apologise to Fr Blake - and all the Catholics he's leading astray.

  4. Only the very dimmest sheep in the flock will be led astray by Pastor Conry.

  5. Hermit Crab, sadly, we have many of those.

  6. Genty, I always take comfort from your wise words, thank you.

    Bob, we only have two, out of about 28 - not good percentages.

    Lynda, agreed but unlikely to happen.

  7. I'm afraid you have one or two more crakpots coming your way soon! Yes, I know this is a serious business; but I think it has gone beyond a certain point. I would love to see your faces when they arrive.