Monday, 30 September 2013

No Sex Box please, we're Catholic

I am not a prude and I am not a puritan but I find this subject distasteful to the extreme.

Even writing this post, I feel, adds a touch of voyeurism to the topic to be discussed so, forgive me, if I am oblique in my description of a television programme due to be screened shortly.

The executives of Channel Four (should that be Carnal Four?) are well known for their ability to pick up an intimate and sensitive topic, to give it a crude and sensationalist treatment and then have the nerve to present it as a piece of social record; a service to the community.

Whereas, of course, we would call it pornography.

Here's how Channel 4 describe the programme:

In a few days time they (sic) will be premiering 'Sex Box' a participatory programme Sex Box is a new sex talk show with a difference; a panel discussion about the real sex lives of people, with one exceptional twist. In a unique television format inspired by the work of sex researchers, three couples have sex, then talk about it afterwards, while the feelings and sensations are still vivid and truthful. involving couples and sex and panel discussions.

They discuss their experience with the programme's host, agony aunt Mariella Frostrup, in front of a studio audience and with a panel of experts: internationally syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, sex body language and relationship expert Tracey Cox, and psychotherapist, broadcaster and author Phillip Hodson......

........Sex is integral to our lives. It's one of the strongest human drives. But few of us talk about it openly and honestly to those that matter most: to our partners and to young people. Many of us find it difficult or embarrassing to talk about sex.

So there you have it; the last paragraph is the justification bit. They actually go on to state that their aim is to help stamp out pornography and "reclaim sex" whatever that means.

More cant may be found under their pompous heading 'Corporate Responsibility'.

Here is an extract:

We aim to promote responsible behaviour.

We aim to continue to play a responsible role in the community.

One does wonder at  morals of the producers and those couples who are taking part in this most important piece of journalistic hum-bug.
I believe that ferrets and weasels have a higher code of moral conduct.

But this is just one more example of how the world around us is hell bent on striving to find even lower depths of depravity.

A letter of protest (I know but we ought not to give up on protesting) is the only means we have, other than prayer, to try and slow down this process.

Here are the contact details for C4's CEO, David Abraham:-

Channel Four
124 Horseferry Road



  1. Mary Whitehouse would have had a fit!
    Let's face it, all media is dominated by ratings, so the most effective form of protest is not to watch it!

  2. I got rid of my tv because of this rubbish. If enough of us do the same. they will have to rethink.