Friday, 6 September 2013

Made a conscious and adult decision to leave the Catholic Church?

Fed up with the Church opposing homosexuality, abortion, IVF and same sex 'marriage'?

Disgusted that some priests are paedophiles, that hypocrisy rages through the Vatican and that the Holy Father presides over untold riches in the form of paintings, chalices and priceless books and manuscripts?

Think that becoming a Buddhist is a good idea?.....or an agnostic?....or, just nothing at all?

Wrong, wrong wrong.

The Church on earth is imperfect. But, in Heaven it is perfect.

Remember two very important things; firstly, the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ.
It may err in its ministry because of human weakness.

Secondly, the Church is our Mother.

Yes, our Mother.

How would treat your own mother if she was suffering abuse or had made an error?

Would you walk away and say: "I don't believe in mothers any more"

Or, "My mother is disgusting, I'm going to put my faith in some other mother"

Father Barron speaks here on leaving the Church....


  1. The Church is my life. Truly.

    It's beyond me why any Catholic would leave the Church. It's despicable. Everything they want, everything they need, their salvation, is found right here. But sadly, the Culture influences the Catholics of today...


  2. Thank you Richard I have been feeling discouraged at the behaviour of our local ++ArchBishop in Melbourne at a child abuse inquiry when he made a flippant comment in relation to action on a abusive priest "better late than never". Thank heavens for the Parish priest at St Mary's Basilica in Geelong who is seen as the champion of the abused.
    Then cardinal pell who did not want the abuse inquiry to continue nationally .
    Faithful priests deserve our support

    1. Please explain your accusation "cardinal pell (sic) who did not want the abuse inquiry to continue nationally"?

      Cardinal Pell in all the reported statements I have seen he has made about the inquiry, welcomed the inquiry.

  3. Grudgingly and after being called upon by politicians of all parties and persuasions -including Catholic ones to accept the Royal Commission

  4. However if i have mixed up pell's stance on the child abuse with his reproted opposition to the Commonwealth (federal) charities and not for profit commission then i will apologise.

  5. Where is the public condemnation of bishops such as bishop Lopez from Mexico who was summoned to Rome for his promotion of Homosexuality? Your emphasis is great coming from one who apparently knows the true values and reason for remaining in the Catholic Church. But when the Vatican does not condemn a loser such as Bishop Raúl Vera López it makes your point sound equivocational.

    The diocese of Saltillo, Mexico is promoting a conference by a diocesan homosexualist organization that condones sodomy and cross-dressing and cooperates with the pro-abortion organization “Catholics for the Right to Decide.” The bishop of the diocese himself, Bishop Raúl Vera López, is scheduled to say mass at the event.

    Since that time Bishop Lopez was summoned to the Vatican and following the meeting - no condemnation was made from the Vatican about the Mexican bishops activities. WHY? And maybe that is the actual reason why people are leaving the church, not what you described in your video.

  6. I don't listen to Father "Hell is empty" Barron