Sunday, 18 August 2013

Getting it rite - more on the Novus Ordo Mass and the Mass of Christ

I know nothing of Fr Hesse but plan to research him more fully when time allows.

Meanwhile, I am indebted, yet again, to Elaine for shoving me in the right (rite?) direction.

This clip shows, very effectively, the Protestantisation of the Catholic liturgy.....'frogs in buckets' springs to mind.....




  2. The Pauline New Mass can now be seen, after some 45 years, to be a somewhat Protestantised version of the Catholic Mass, getting ever closer to a Protestant communion service.

    I was particularly struck by this morning when, (I am a 2/3s back type ), I observed everyone, but everyone , in front of me get up and parade forward, in a disciplined manner, past the rarely, and I mean rarely used confessional, to receive Holy Communion.

    A year or so ago, when I finished my National Service, I resolved never again to take part in any parades, (except in the unlikely event Her Majesty would recall me to the colours, which she never did), and so this morning I determined, as did my better half, who sympathises with me in these matters, to sit tight and settle for a Spiritual Act of Communion. It earned us a few huffy looks from people brushing past us wondering why we were being so antisocial.

    A second observation. On the way out I was approached by someone regarding a parish matter. I had to ask him to speak up twice so great was the chatter and din from the exiting congregation’s gossip and laughter, and I mean laughter – completely ignoring the reserved Sacrament, red light and all, in the central tabernacle.,

  3. The video doesn't appear on my screen.

  4. When Pope PaulV1 New Mass was introduced a number of catholic authors provided us with evidence of the protetantising nature of this Mass.Their observations were based on the latin version of the said rite. So even when it is celebrated in this way, facing the altar etc,it is still defective when compared to the TLM.What these authors (if still alive) would make of the Novus Ordo as commonly celebrated to-day I shudder to think.The impression I get is that so many Novus Ordo Masses celebrated to-day could not be described as protestant let alone catholic.There are a number of priests who are quite happy to celebrate the NO and the TLM.How do they reconcile the two rites? And why use the NO if they can say the TLM.Surely it is better to use the clearly catholic TLM than the protestatised NO.

  5. I've always been haunted by Paul VI's speech promulgation:

  6. Below is part three of 'Work of human hands' which points out Jungmann's role in all this (the new Mass being his 'hearts dream'). It only lasts seven minutes and highlights the secret meetings a long time before V2.

    If this is genuinely true then I find this more disturbing than anything else I've read. The catechism points out that you can not be a radical in the Catholic Church, (it is only when many people become inspired independently of each other, all at the same time, then this denotes a genuine movement of the Holy Spirit). Jungmann and Bugnini appear to be radicals.

    Beyond this we have:

    In March of 1965, in the periodical L'Osservatore Romano, Bugnini was quoted as saying: "We must strip from our Catholic prayers and from the Catholic liturgy everything which can be the shadow of a stumbling block for our separated brethren that is for the Protestants."

    If all this is true then it does appear that the N.O. was the work of Man.

    What is your take on all of this? Is this propaganda or do you think there is some truth to this?

  7. Sorry, Lynda, I can't explain that, you might try Youtube "The messed up Mass". Richard

  8. Mike, Servusmarien and the other Mike, I will view these clips but am under the cosh rather at present, thank you.
    Rod and Jacobi - in full accord.