Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The end of the tour

We are back after twelve or so days in the Shires carrying out patriarchal (and matriarchal) duties.

One of the greatest benefits for us was that we went to Mass at several parishes not previously visited.

The traditional Catholic network in Britain is a strong one and, wherever you go you come across links to friends, if not actual friends themselves.

I would particularly like to thank Fr Mildew (aka Fr Michael Clifton), President of the Basil Loftus Appreciation Society, for his kind words after Mass and for his wonderfully direct homily.

If we had one hundred priests like Fr Clifton I am sure England would soon reclaim 'Mary's Dowry' status.

We were also able to meet Alan and Suzanne Robinson at Ware and Marigold Turner in Tenterden.
Marigold is well known as  one of the giants of the laity, responsible for keeping the Latin Mass alive in her part of Kent during the dark days pre Summorum Pontificam.

And to those whom we failed to see, due to a number of obstacles, my apologies and I hope we may rectify that in the future, Deo volente.

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