Saturday, 24 August 2013

A little Catholic humour

A well known atheist was walking through the woods one day when he was confronted by a savage looking bear.

Turning, he fled in fear of his life. Within a few seconds the bear had outrun him and with one paw pinned him to the ground whilst the other, was poised to strike the mortal blow.

"Oh God" screamed the atheist.

Instantly, the bear froze as time stood still.

And then, a voice from above said: "You called me?"

"Oh", said the atheist, "So you really do exist, could you make this bear go away please? (he was a very polite atheist).

"But why should I?" said God. "You've been denying my existence all your life".

"That's a very fair point" said the atheist, thinking quickly. 
"Do you think perhaps that you could turn the bear into a Christian instead?"

"Yes, my son, I can certainly do that for you", said the Almighty.

Instantly, the bear became animated once more, halted its attack, placed its paws together and said: "Bless us O Lord.......".