Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cardinal Vaughan School - good news!

Catholic ethos + Catholic Culture + Catholic Education = Catholic Success

It seems only yesterday that the Archdiocese of Westminster and the Parents, Teachers and Pupils at London's Cardinal Vaughan School were at odds over ++ Nichols' desire to appoint his own men and women onto the Governing Body, in effect, taking control of the management of the school.

Well, a great deal of prayer and lobbying by those opposed to such goings on resulted in a victory for common sense and this most illustrious of Catholic Schools.

And now, (drumroll) I am pleased to announce that this month's outstanding A Level results at the Vaughan, have placed it as the top performing Comprehensive School in the country.

Yes, you read that correctly, the top performing Comprehensive School in the Country!

As the school website so modestly puts it:-

"In a year when the national proportion of A* and A grades fell once again (to 26.3%), it has risen by over 10% at the Vaughan from last year's 51.7% to a record-breaking 62.2%.   Grades from A* - B also rose to 86.8%.  The overall pass-rate was, once again, 100%. 

We are, according to The Times, the highest performing comprehensive school in the country.

This exceptional performance is due to the immense diligence of pupils and staff who work so effectively with - and for - each other.  Our thanks and congratulations go to them all."

Picture: Yates Associates

H/T to Liam Connelly


  1. Dearest Linen ,
    I know just how good the school is-I went there 1964-70.
    Tells you a lot about Vincent Nichols and his crew in the diocese.
    They wanted the school dead , filleted, stitched up like a kipper...reason? It was and is just too makes dozens of other so-called Catholic schools in the ADW...look what?

  2. So good to hear news of academic success.

    The true success of this fine Catholic school - I was a pupil there 1969-1976 - will be measured by its output of good upstanding Catholic men and, now, women. The school used to (and I hope still does) pride itself on the priestly vocations it produces, with a display board listing old Vaughan boys who have been ordained. My name is on it. May that list continue to grow.

    With my prayers and appreciation for the education I received at this fine school.

  3. Father - That board is still there, with your name on it, and names continue to be added, thanks be to God (sadly, they have not yet found a way to honour former members of staff who have been ordained, like the former Headmaster, Father Pellegrini).

    Richard - Thank you so much for this post: being out of the country (taking the cure for my Romesickeness), I hadn't picked up on the news. This is a wonderful result, and a great credit to the pupils, parents, teachers and support staff who are such a wonderful example of partnership in Catholic education. Thank you also, once again, for your support during those dark days which we all fervently hope are behind us. Your help in keeping the issue alive was invaluable.

  4. Thank you Anon, you are right, other Catholic Schools look to be very sick indeed.
    Fr Boyle, thank you. It is good to be able to rejoice at good news from a Catholic School.
    Patti, you are so right; the Vaughan 'team' do need our fulsome congratulations.

  5. Fantastic school I appealed when we weree not offered a place and we won. It's a fantastic school,great teachers and the Catholic ethos is alive and well. The only downside is you need to be very wealthy in order to network and The Vaughan Parent Association appears to be a closed shop. We still attends most events but I would have liked to get more involved. My son will thrive in this wonderful environment and really that is more important to us than anything else. Well done to Mr Stubbings and his wonderful staff.