Friday, 16 August 2013

"A four legged friend...."

Over at The Muniment Room, Ttony has a rather good post concerning the new inclusive re-writes of some of our best and most profound hymns.

I could hardly bear to read it so appalling and inane are the Nuchurch versions.

It brought to mind the state of play that existed at the time of the 'food processing' of the liturgy, from around 1970 on.

My eldest brother, may his soul rest in peace, so disliked the new music that he had great difficulty in fulfilling his Sunday obligation.

Nevertheless, he would stand at the back of the church (churches in Lancashire were still full to overflowing in those days) and, when the banal singing began he would close his eyes and join in.

But, he sang the words and tune to the old Roy Rogers cowboy song "A four legged friend" because, in his eyes, mundane as the song was, it was still several hundred times better than the crass hymns being sung throughout the Mass.

I do not regard that as blasphemy, more a case of a man suffering from 'Gregorian deprivation'.

An example of equine liturgical dancing

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  1. I like to warble "Happy Trails To You" as the priest recesses.