Saturday, 3 December 2011

Holding hands across the pond

I have been struck for some time over the use of a picture of the traditional chapel at St Non's, just outside the tiny city of St David's in Pembrokeshire.

My good friend Catholic and Welsh actually features it on his blog and so does Tony Layne (or, so I thought).

But Tony's chapel has too many windows for it to be St Non's.

Here is the real chapel.....much as featured on Catholic and Welsh, albeit sans the rather handsome, raffish (roughish) type and lurcher standing strategically to one side.

And here is Tony's chapel, from where only he knows.....

The Impractical Catholic

You can, I trust see the similarity and how easily I was duped.

This ramble is by way of leading onto Impractical Catholic's excellent post today on holding hands at the Our Father (or, as we holy traditionalists say, the Pater Noster).

Sadly, it is one of life's pleasures that has passed me by and now, thanks to a Pope who is  hell  heaven bent on bringing Christ's Church and all who dwell within it back to a base of truth and sincerity, I shall now never experience it (sob!)

Just warm, moist limp hand contact with Mrs Overly-Leftwing, no dead fish contact with Mr Peadar O'File, the Irish maitre d'hote of all things parochial and no hands held high with Ms Cerys Mattick leader of the tambourine and spoons section of the parish choir skiffle group.

Oh, woe! Oh tragedy!


  1. Hi Richard, it's your crazy praise and worship pal back blogging again! I got me a new blog, seeing as an American advertising agency appear to have taken over my last one?

    I see you are misbehaving dreadfully in my absence. Tut tut, having a go on Charismatics. I don't know!!

    Praise the Lord anyway, it's Advent.

  2. I love Tony Layne. He's got another blog called Outside the Asylum:

    Well worth following.

  3. My banner features the Church of the Primacy of Peter in Tabgha, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, "a modest Franciscan chapel that incorporates part of a 4th-century church". Here's a link to a site with more information. I had to look it up because I'd forgotten ... but you're right, Richard, they do look rather similar.

    What, Richard! You've never had the pleasure of feeling like a total chump holding the hand of a teen who looks like he'd rather be chewing tin foil rather than maintaining a curtsey-with-a-tutu pose? My man, you have not lived! I was a kid when this happy-clappy nonsense was introduced over here, and I haven't felt clean since. At least we're not making that gesture I've always associated with the sarcastic phrase, "Well, whoop-dee-doo!"

    @ Stuart: Aw ... *blush* Thank you very much indeed for the promo.

  4. Aw come on dude! It's so cool holding hands, and the only chance I get.

    Bishop Bogus Smirk (Hermeneutic of

  5. I like to be selective about whom I hold hands with. My perspective on holding hands during the Our Father has changed over the years.

  6. How can so many people get so het up about so unimportant an issue. There's nothing in the rubrics about closing your eyes to pray but many do and many do not. Is that so bad or should we do neither because it's not in the rubrics! I'm not a great hand holder myself but, if others do, I don't sit clutching my Missal looking daggers at my neighbours. Some of your bloggers should get a life.

  7. Fredrick, you have very unfortunate initials. Not a bad suggestion.

  8. What a handsome, manly fellow! But who's the human with him?


    Life is good.

    -- Mack in Texas

  9. I've just managed to get our little group beneath the organ loft to return my salutation of peace instead of the flabby handshake. The blokes seem relieved. I expect it's the spikes on the ends of my nails.
    However, I don't fancy my chances persuading the pp to ditch his recent innovation: "Good morning, everyone". "Good morning Fa-ther."
    One step forward, one step back.

  10. point exactly...she is (or was) Tinker my beautiful lurcher. She sadly died in 2005 leaving me dogless.

  11. My mum and dad were married at St Non's Richard. Very windy according to the wedding photo, mum's hair and veil blowing at right angles. Beautiful place!

    We nod at my local parish in B..... (I attend weekdays) No hands touching, but we can't nod until the alter server has been nodded to by priest and then passed the nod us. We have to stand and watch till nodding time. Soooo distracting when one is getting used to Traditional Sunday Masses with all it's reverent common sense and prayerfulness.

  12. Momangelica - amazing for your parents to be married in that wonderful little chapel.
    Suggest you implement the Glasgow nod at B.

  13. I can't believe I missed this post! December is such a work-slog! Thanks for the beretta tip. When I was in America I saw this awful event [the hold-handy-pandies]. All members of my family just looked at each other is sheer disbelief. We thought "only in America" - but it seems not?

    We did get to a LMS Latin Mass at St Non's a couple of years back. It was "way cool" [down wiv da kids].