Friday, 2 December 2011

Alice Thomas Ellis - marooned on a desert island!

This radio recording dates back to 1998 and ATE is described as a 'devout traditional Roman Catholic' by host Sue Lawley. That is an improvement on being called a 'devout RC' as most journos refer to us whether we are devout or not.

"There is no reciprocity. Men love women,
women love children, children love hamsters"
If you do not know Alice Thomas Ellis let me give you a hint of her character as it was before her death in 2005. She was  direct, liked a vodka and tonic, liked to smoke. She knew all who were worth knowing in the literary field. Her house in Wales was full of large statues of the Saints and the household, was otherwise totally disorganised.

If you listen to the broadcast it is as good a testimony to the faith as you will hear. Ever.

Her choice of records is eclectic and reflects her faith. Her second choice is an apt one for Advent...Rorate coeli desuper.....

Sue Lawley is, I think, not too impressed by ATE's stolid defence of right.

worth listening to.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting post. I recall reading some of her articles in the Catholic Herald and thinking she made a lot of sense. Her criticism of Archbishop Warlock's supposed ecumenical achievement seemed sound when I first heard it.
    I had forgotten how poor Sue Lawley was as an interviewer...sadly there has been noone to do justice to Roy Plomley's legacy.