Saturday, 10 December 2011

C'mon LMS give us a Mass for Christmas!

A Latin Mass on The Feast of the Nativity, in the country's largest Diocese, with the most churches and priests, headed up by the leader of all Catholics in England and Wales - not too much to ask for is it?

Give us a Mass Guv'nor!
There have to be a few retired priests who would have a burning desire to say the UA Mass on the anniversary of Our Saviour's birth?

Maybe the LMS might know one or two? No?

Ah well, if anyone knows of a Mass within, say, 20 miles of Welwyn Garden City, please let me know.

The northern outpost of the Archdiocese of Westminster
in 1650 - the only change is that they had more Masses
in those days!


  1. Richard,
    I'm praying for your miracle!



  2. Why not pop into London for the 9:00am at the Oratory or the 9:30am at St James' Spanish Place? As Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, both those places will have their usual Low Masses in the EF that day. Also, I think St Mary Moorfields will be hosting an old Rite First Mass of Christmas at 6:30pm on Christmas Eve.

    Let me know if you do come down... We might be able to meet up for a quick mince-pie!

  3. No Traditional Midnight Mass anywhere near London. You've got to be kidding.

  4. Thanks Dylan, I'm sure you are right but the LMS listings do not show a Mass (or they didn't a week ago).
    There is nothing more that I would like but we shall have the extended family plus grandchildren with us and 20 easy miles is as much as we coud venture.

    David...according to my friend there are 2 Masses on Christmas morning in the city centre but nothing 25 miles or so surrounding the city.

  5. Ummm, Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen is in the London Borough of Bexley... and we're having Solemn High Mass at midnight. You are all very welcome (Carols beforehand at 11:20pm) and there's plenty of parking...

  6. LMS...that's not the GWR, then!
    Will pray you get your mass.

  7. Hardly up to the LMS is it? As if they just thought, 'Nah, cba with Christmas!'

  8. JL - well, if I ran an organisation that aimed to preserve and promote the Latin Mass, I might make the key Diocese a focus for that Mass.
    But that's just a whim of mine.

  9. Thank you Patricius.

    Mac, I would love to be at Blackfen but with small children on Christmas Day it would be asking too much I fear. Thank you so much for the thought, it is much appreciated.

  10. We are having one in our tiny church in the backblocks of NZ but I suppose that'd be too far? It's at 11am just in case.


  12. JL - many thanks for this information, sadly, both Masses are too far away for me on Christmas Day.
    I still believe that the LMS should be capable of organising more Masses over Christmas than just two within half a mile of each other.

    Jean - thanks so much. Love to be will have to be in spirit!