Sunday, 11 December 2011

Relief is at hand!

No, not that, we all know about that important event. I am referring to relief for those of you kind souls who visit this blog from time to time.

This week, as from today, in fact, I am on the road (along with Mrs L) carrying out a mixture of family, business and social duties.
We start at Morriston today with Holy Mass and go onwards and eastwards from there. London, Nottingham and Birmingham are in our sights so it will be a busy week. whinging and whining and carping from me for a bit - a chance for you to recover your wits and lower your blood pressure.

But I just had to leave you with this image which comes from the
Vultus Christi blog via The Little Way.

Quite the most beautiful Virgin and Child I have seen.

Hope you agree. God bless. Back c. 17th December.


  1. Hope you have a good week. Maybe see you 9am Low Mass Saturday at the Birmingham Oratory?! Love, Charlie

  2. I might see you around my neck of the woods! Then again, I don't know what you look like so probably not!!

    'See' you when you get back Richard. I'll try not to turn into a liberal modernist whilst you're gone.......but don't stay away too long!!!

  3. Missing you already. Safe journey(s).

  4. Thanks Genty.
    And thanks Ros, I think you are turning into a Liberal Traditionalist!

    Charlie my Boy, you are so very kind and nothing would give me greater pleasure but, by Saturday I will be back in soggy Pembrokeshire.
    Please say a prayer for me, I think you must be an ace server!

  5. A day without your blog is like a day without sunshine! Have a blessed and pleasant time away. Your faithful readers will be here when you return.

  6. Should I decide to become a traditionalist, it will be the fault of disobedient wayward ambitious nuns, I can't believe some of the stuff I'm hearing lately! I may even go sspx if they keep messing about with doctrine!

    Mind you, if I do, it will mean a big trendy trad shopping trip as well, because I only own one skirt and no dresses!!

  7. Richard,
    Have a great few days away-pity you weren't coming up-north you could have sampled the Newcie Brown and the Ringtons Tea! Safe journey too.



  8. Please help a poor Yank understand something: what is whinging / whingeing, and how is it pronounced?

    Is it a neologism?


    Mack in Texas

  9. Mack...not sure of the spelling but it mans moaning in a particularly wheedling way. Quite an old English word I believe. Something I am very good at according to my wife.
    God bless.