Friday, 9 December 2011

Today's carol - 'with wings of fire'

An unusual format for this beautiful carol from the land of the Basques.

Sting is, or was, a Catholic I believe, not too sure about the dancing nymphs though.


  1. I wonder why the words of the last verse were altered? "Everyone"?

  2. Well it's not Cliff (Richard) but it was very pleasant non-the-less. ;)

  3. Sting was raised Catholic. Judging by the lyrics of this song linked to below (which is admittedly from quite a few years ago) I'd say he no longer practices his faith, or at least he didn't when he wrote this.

  4. Shadowlands.....I'm looking for a Cliff Richard clip, just for you!

    Thanks TLW, he's definitely a "resting" Catholic judging from that.