Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blasphemy is good!

Oh yes it is! It's good for sales, good for circulation figures, good for audiences and good for TV ratings!

It is also, sadly, on the increase.

I am not an "End of the World is Nigh" wallah but we have to take notice of Christ's words regarding "A recrudescence of evil".

It is not yet of tsunami proportions but it is a swell that looks as if it is building pace in an attempt to engulf Christianity.

1987 saw the introduction of the "art" of Andres Serrano that was so foul it hardly bears description; that art form has continued up to the present day and now, in the past few weeks and months we have had the French play that involves an image of the face of Christ being smeared with excrement, the advertising hoarding in New Zealand (see A Reluctant Sinner's post) featuring Our Lady in connection with a pregnancy testing kit,  and, in the run up
to Christmas the song commissioned   for the Jonathon Ross Show (need I say more?) that was thankfully withdrawn from the schedules at the last minute.

And he calls Our Lord a "zombie" -
Tim Minchen
It was written by Australian lyricist and alleged comedian, Tim Minchen and is said to have described Jesus Christ as a "zombie" and the Virgin Mary as a lizard.
I have no great confidence in its withdrawal, it is bound to make an appearance at some stage and then it will spread like cancer, infecting the hearts, minds and souls of men.

Now, of course, we all know that none of these ad men, artists, actors and producers would even think of portraying the Prophet Mohammed in the same way as they portray the Son of God or His Blessed Mother.

This is unsurprising when you think of the penalties that Islam would undoubtedly wish to place on them; a fatwa would be issued and every young male follower of this faith would be out to get them in some shape of form.
Their limbs and lives would be at grave risk and remember, these comedians, chat show hosts and marketeers are not well endowed when it comes to having a backbone.
They fight with their mouths and paintings - show them a bit of Arabic script and they quickly slide underneath their stones.
They would get an attack of the trots from a Thinwa let alone a Fat one!

But that is not our way.

So what do we Catholics do?

We inflict something infinitely more fearsome upon the heads of the blasphemers; we expose them to the mercy of Almighty God - we pray for them! And we make acts of reparation.

We offer them our Christian love which, as the good Lord states, is equivalent to pouring hot coals on their heads.

How do we do that? By praying in groups outside the theatres, publishing houses, advertising agencies and art galleries.

By offering Masses in reparation for the grave sins of blasphemy and sacrilege and by prayer, here are two that are specific acts of reparation.


May the most Holy, most Sacred, most Adorable,
Most Incomprehensible and Ineffable Name of God
Be always Praised, Blessed, Loved, Adored and Glorified,
In Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth,
By all the Creatures of God,
And by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
In the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart / Actus reparationis

Most sweet Jesus, whose overflowing charity for men is requited by so much forgetfulness, negligence and contempt, behold us prostrate before Thee, eager to repair by a special act of homage the cruel indifference and injuries to which Thy loving Heart is everywhere subject.

Mindful, alas! that we ourselves have had a share in such great indignities, which we now deplore from the depths of our hearts, we humbly ask Thy pardon and declare our readiness to atone by voluntary expiation, not only for our own personal offenses, but also for the sins of those, who, straying far from the path of salvation, refuse in their obstinate infidelity to follow Thee, their Shepherd and Leader, or, renouncing the promises of their baptism, have cast off the sweet yoke of Thy law.

We are now resolved to expiate each and every deplorable outrage committed against Thee; we are now determined to make amends for the manifold offenses against Christian modesty in unbecoming dress and behavior, for all the foul seductions laid to ensnare the feet of the innocent, for the frequent violations of Sundays and holydays, and the shocking blasphemies uttered against Thee and Thy Saints. We wish also to make amends for the insults to which Thy Vicar on earth and Thy priests are subjected, for the profanation, by conscious neglect or terrible acts of sacrilege, of the very Sacrament of Thy Divine Love; and lastly for the public crimes of nations who resist the rights and teaching authority of the Church which Thou hast founded.

Would that we were able to wash away such abominations with our blood. We now offer, in reparation for these violations of Thy divine honor, the satisfaction Thou once made to Thy Eternal Father on the Cross and which Thou continuest to renew daily on our Altars; we offer it in union with the acts of atonement of Thy Virgin Mother and all the Saints and of the pious faithful on earth; and we sincerely promise to make recompense, as far as we can with the help of Thy grace, for all neglect of Thy great love and for the sins we and others have committed in the past. Henceforth, we will live a life of unswerving faith, of purity of conduct, of perfect observance of the precepts of the Gospel and especially that of charity. We promise to the best of our power to prevent others from offending Thee and to bring as many as possible to follow Thee.

O loving Jesus, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mother, our model in reparation, deign to receive the voluntary offering we make of this act of expiation; and by the crowning gift of perseverance keep us faithful unto death in our duty and the allegiance we owe to Thee, so that we may all one day come to that happy home, where with the Father and the Holy Spirit Thou livest and reignest, God, forever and ever. Amen.

Latin Version: Actus reparationis
Iesu dulcissime, cuius effusa in homines caritas, tanta oblivione, negligentia, comtemptione, ingratissime rependitur, en nos, ante altaria tua provoluti, tam nefariam hominum socordiam iniuriasque, quibus undique amantissimum Cor tuum afficitur, peculiari honore resarcire contendimus.

Attamen, memores tantae nos quoque indignitatis non expertes aliquando fuisse, indeque vehementissimo dolore commoti, tuam in primis misericordiam nobis imploramus, paratis, voluntaria expiatione compensare flagitia non modo quae ipsi patravimus, sed etiam illorum, qui, longe a salutis via aberrantes, vel te pastorem ducemque sectari detrectant, in sua infidelitate obstinati, vel baptismatis promissa conculcantes, suavissimum tuae legis iugum excusserunt.

Quae deploranda crimina, cum universa expiare contendimus, tum nobis singula resarcienda proponimus: vitae cultusque immodestiam atque turpitudines, tot corruptelae pedicas innocentium animis instructas, dies festos violatos, exsecranda in te tuosque Sanctos iactata maledicta atque in tuum Vicarium ordinemque sacerdotalem convicia irrogata, ipsum denique amoris divini Sacramentum, vel neglectum vel horrendis sacrilegiis profanatum, publica postremo nationum delicta, quae Ecclesiae a te institutae iuribus magisterioque reluctantur.

Quae utinam crimina sanguine ipsi nostro eluere possemus! Interea ad violatum divinum honorem resarciendum, quam Tu olim Patri in Cruce satisfactionem obtulisti quamque quotidie in Altaribus renovare pergis, hanc eamdem nos tibi praestamus, cum Virginis Matris, omnium Sanctorum, piorum quoque fidelium expiationibus coniunctam, ex animo spondentes, cum praeterita nostra aliorumque peccata ac tanti amoris incuriam firma fide, candidis vitae moribus, perfecta legis evangelicae, caritatis potissimum, observantia, quantum in nobis erit, gratia tua favente, nos esse compensaturos, tum iniurias tibi inferendas pro viribus prohibituros, et quam plurimos potuerimus ad tui sequelam convocaturos. Excipias, quaesumus, benignissime Iesu, beata Virgine Maria Reparatrice intercedente, voluntarium huius expiationis obsequium nosque in officio tuique servito fidissimos ad mortem usque velis, magno illo perseverantiae munere, continere, ut ad illam tandem patriam perveniamus omnes, ubi Tu cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto vivis et regnas in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

A partial indulgence is granted to those who recite this prayer. A plenary indulgence is granted if it is publicly recited on the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. This prayer was prescribed to be recited on this feast by Pope Pius XI.

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  1. Tim Minchen calls Our Lord a 'zombie', well it takes one to know one. Or for Minchen it takes one to think he knows one.

    And you make a brilliant point that insulting Islam on TV is metaphorical to a death wish.