Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to make Tesco's eyes water!

We all know by now that Tesco is to drop one or two of their lesser charities (like Cancer Research) in favour of supporting a homosexual parade in London in 2012 - such a family oriented thing to do! See here for details.
Now a Tesco executive has come out and slammed those Christians who oppose homosexuality as being 'evil'. What aisle is he in I wonder?

There has been a  ripple of dissent from a few Christians but it is not going to knock Tesco off their course; they know that it will soon die down and that they will be left to get on with their odd sponsorship unimpeded.

But I do know that adverse local publicity, on a national scale, is a most efficient way of loosening the bowels of Head Office PR men and women.

Guaranteed to make a few eyes water!
What will cause a queue for the Cheshunt HQ loos is a series of letters to your local paper, calmly stating why Tescos policies are distinctly unfriendly towards families.

We all laugh at the 'disgusted of Tonbridge Wells' syndrome but it is most effective.
Almost as effective as asking the reticent doctor sitting next to you at a dinner party if he really enjoys carrying out abortions!

So please, do it.......WRITE NOW!


  1. Richard,
    Having complained to Tesco's H/O regarding their support for the Gay Pride parade, I received the following reply:-

    'Dear Mr ...
    Thank you for your letter ........ We took a decision to support World Pride with a small donation of £30,000.00 following a request for help earlier this year from our Out at Tesco network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender staff. We believe that everyone should be welcome at Tesco, whether as a customer or a member of staff, and decided that agreeing to a small donation to the event would be a tangible way of demonstrating that we respected and supported our colleagues.
    We do understand that this decision is not supported by everyone, and indeed that it has aroused some strong opposition as well as some support. It is never our intention to upset our customers, and I am very sorry that our decision to support the event has moved you to write to us to express your concern.
    I do hope that over time, you will be able to see this small donation in the context of our much wider support for many hundreds of charities and local communities. Over the past year we have contributed over £64 million in total to charities and good causes in the UK and across the world. For example, we raised £7.2m for children with cancer last year, helping Clic Sargent fund specialist care at home for children. We are set this year to raise over £5 million for our current Charity of the Year, the Alzheimer’s Society.
    Once again, I am very sorry that our donation to World Pride has shaken your confidence in us. I hope I can reassure you that we take your views very seriously and that, through all the work we do for good causes as well as through our core retail business, we do indeed strive to be a company in which you can place your trust.
    Y.S. Tesco PLC.

    This is a courteous and almost apologetic letter, in total contrast to the subsequent anti-Christian diatribe by the Tesco R&D Executive, Nick Lansley. However it does seem rather strange that the contribution to the Gay Parade is so relatively small, considering the publicity that has been given it. Brian.

  2. Brian - a much better response than mine and I agree with your final comment.

    But this type of 'acceptance' tends to spread like cancer and, in my view, any support for a hideous exercise such as Gay Pride, is wrong, no matter how small the sum.

    Merry Christmas and God's blessings to you and your family.

  3. A couple of other activities to let Tesco bosses know how you feel is to send your Club card and vouchers back to them saying why you "wash your hands of them".
    Also, you could order the leaflets that Stephen Green of Christian Voice has produced that are excelent in detailing why we must object to the "Tesco Embrace" of this dangerous homosexual group.
    These leaflets can be put on car windscreens, ( at park and rides for example) through letterboxes, handed out outside Tesco shops as well as handed out to associates in churces and social situations.

    We are in the army of the Church Militant so we should be saying "halt! Who goes there?"

  4. Yes, but we don't "know by now that Tesco is to drop one or two of their lesser charities (like Cancer Research) in favour of supporting a homosexual parade..." because it isn't true! It is a story created by the Daily Mail and given credence by the extreme fundamentalist web site The Christian Institute. Tesco raised £7 million for Cancer Research in 2011 and hopes to raise more in 2012. Far from dropping them, the programme for this year even more extensive. We Catholics should not be led astray by ultra Protestants whose unforgiving creed seems to allow them to play fast and loose with the truth.

  5. Frederick - yes, but how do we know that it isn't true? We do have a statement allegedly from Tesco stating a cutback in some areas.
    But, regardless of this, the main issue is that they are funding a militant, anti family bunch of practising homosexuals.
    It is that element that is so very wrong.