Tuesday, 20 December 2011

If Christ came down to Earth once more where would you find Him?

Not among the tent dwellers of St Paul's, most definitely not.

Not even among the poor and dispossessed in Wapping or Brighton or the Bronx.

He would not be in Westminster Cathedral (some say He has not been there for some time)

No sign of him in the hospitals and hospices - what sort of Saviour do we have?

But, you will find Him in the City of London and Wall Street, mixing with the bankers and financiers.

He will also be a visitor to Parliament and other places where politicians dwell.

Look for Him in the nightclubs, the gay bars and casinos of the West End and the Latin Quarter.

You see.......He came to heal the sick; the spiritually sick.

Those who stand in most need of salvation.

The Scribes, Publicans, Pharisees, Bankers, Pimps and Prostitutes.

In these times we do need to turn over a few tables
 But we also need to pray for those in authority.

"It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick"

 So while it may be open season on bankers at present it should be remembered that they are in need of our charity - charity in the form of prayer.

And what of the Bishops, those who have spiritual rule over us?

They also are in need of our prayers and our pity. And also, at times, our constructive criticisms and the turning over of a few tables.

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  1. Richard, You, are a great bloke and I can see that. Happy Christmas from your recalcitrant commenter.
    Glad you are back, by the way. It was oddly hostile, without you. You do offer a sort of authoritative protection around here. I've posted a slushy Cliff Richard song, simply to aggravate you ;) Ros.