Thursday, 22 December 2011

How much more better off would we be without.......?

All church doors to be unlocked!

Well what a question. Who could ever think of such a thing?  Oh deary, deary me, quickly pass the sv!

But it’s a good one! Heh, heh.

Let’s break down the answer, point by point…..

We would not have…um….

 1. A Magic Circle – what? No cosy clique of men who can sit
     around of an evening chuckling at the Pope’s latest efforts to 
     draw the church closer to the teachings of Jesus Christ?
  2. We would not have the appallingly facile website dedicated to
      showing what a valuable job their Lordship’s are doing  

 3.We would not have parishes closing down and Indian Masses
   being celebrated willy nilly. (Because there are simple steps one
   can take to reverse this decline)

 4. And no more Masses dedicated to homosexuals (or bank
     robbers, benefits cheats and shoplifters)

OK, OK, but let’s be a little positive here!

What are the benefits of being Episcopally challenged?

Answer - We would be able to start the brick by brick reclaiming and restoration process as follows:-

1. All churches to be left open during daytime hours

    2. Priestly discipline would be enforced (no more shell 
       suits, sorry Padre)

    3. The reopening of adoption agencies that reflect
       Catholic beliefs could take place

   4.Liturgical integrity could be ensured (strictly dancing
      on the sanctuary would be strictly prohibited)

   5. The Catechism could be taught in Catholic schools
       once more

   6. School admission policies to be reviewed and amended
       based on enrolling children from practising Catholic

   7. A real evangelisation programme could be created and

   8. Female altar servers could be refocused on a
       confraternity basis

   9. Traditional orders would be admitted freely to all the

  10.The Ordinariate would get their churches (and a warm 
         rather than a tepid welcome)

  11. No more copies of The Tablet at the back of church

  12. ………………………over to you!

So what would be the backlash of such a move?

A question that Archbishop Mennini might ask -
I have it on good authority that he reads this blog every night (when he has difficulty sleeping).

Well. We would miss out by losing Bishop Mark Davies (chizzle)

And…….several golf clubs would collapse through a drop in membership fees!

Hey presto! No more Magic Circle!

Please note:
By pure coincidence Philothea on Phire has an excellent  post on Bishops today.


  1. Number 12 - we would not have to defend our Faith while it is being subverted by Hierarchs who are busy demolishing it.

    God bless, and a Happy Christmas!

  2. Better off without bishops? Sounds protestant to me.

  3. The attitude that prefers one's own judgement before that of one's bishop has brought the Church of England to its knees. The successors of the Apostles have a pastoral duty which the Holy Father placed upon them when he chose them for their job. So far he hasn't chosen Richard Collins to second guess them. We await his pallium!

  4. Chris, a good no. 12 and a happy Christmas to you and yours my boy!

    Patricius - is it any more Protestant than having a flexi doctrinal approach that embraces homosexuality, laxity in church discipline,a pick and mix approach to morals?

    Frederick - maybe just the cloak of righteousness would fit?

    A merry Christmas all.

  5. Wherever the bishops are in conflict with the Magisterium, we must oppose them as faithful Catholics. Our loyalty is to the Church, not to those who fail the Church by promoting liberalism. Tribal or provincial loyalty to a local bishop is more akin to Anglicanism (at least the Anglicanism which Blessed John Henry Newman left behind) or to the Eastern Churches that are not in communion with Peter. Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia!

  6. Don't get rid of bishops. Just unclone the Magic Circle and reproduce multiples of Bishop Mark Davies.
    A happy and blessed Christmas to all and prayers for Catholic bloggers that they may have the fortitude to keep on spitting in the wind.

  7. Richard,
    Excellent post:you already have the cloak of righteousness-I await your Pallium; you deserve it probably more than some of the members of Our Hierarchy!

    God Bless,


  8. Interesting post even though I don't agree with everything said. God bless, Lloyd

  9. "is it any more Protestant than having a flexi doctrinal approach that embraces homosexuality, laxity in church discipline,a pick and mix approach to morals?"

    Sorry for the delay in replying (Christmas).
    If these allegations are actually true and not merely hyperbole, then certainly not, however my reading of history makes me reluctant to criticise where I am less than certain of the facts and aware that the prelude to the revolution against the Church in the sixteenth century involved a lot of criticism of her pastors. Perhaps some are weak and some apparently prone to "foot in mouth syndrome" but I haven't heard any English or Welsh bishops promoting either homosexuality or "a pick and mix approach to morals". One might very reasonably wish that some might speak out more forcefully but that is altogether different from what you appear to suggest.

    Wishing you all the blessings of this holy season.

  10. Patricius - sorry for a slow reply, same reasons as yourself.
    By not opposing moral decay one is, in effect, promoting it. By caving in to the demands of state and allowing homosexuals to adopt Catholic children, by permitting homosexual Masses to be celebrated and by sounding weak and unopposing on matters such as same sex marriage, the Bishops are certainly opening up the gates to allow the ungodly entrance.
    There are some issues regarding Bishops further afield such as the Austrian, German, Dutch (and some American Bishops) who distinctly promote homosexuality and also, closer at hand, it is a more certain means of gaining admittance to a seminary than claiming that you are traditional in your beliefs.
    Most of that, though, is anecdotal evidence.