Friday, 28 December 2012

What will the New Year bring for two Glasgow midwives?

Connie Wood and Mary Doogan are the two senior midwives at the centre of the dispute as to whether Catholic or other Christian denomination nurses or midwives should be forced, by law, to assist in abortion procedures.

          The role of a midwife is to ensure the safe delivery of a baby - not to destroy life in the womb

In February 2012, (see here) the legal judgement was that they must oversee abortions carried out by other midwives  on their labour ward and now, in January 2013, they will be appealing against this ruling.

SPUC has  fought their case through the courts but that comes at a high cost and more financial aid is vital to speed the process.

If you would like to support this cause click on the link HERE for details

You could also help by spreading this information and linking to SPUC on your own blog and/or, most importantly, by praying for success


  1. The modern persecution of the Faith is more subtle -- one does not lose his head; one loses his job, and thus food, clothing, and shelter, or becomes a burden on others.

  2. I'm just a visitor; not in the cyber loop, but I will pray earnestly.

  3. A state which rather than protect innocent unborn children from slaughter, actually manages and carries out the killing on an industrial scale, is necessarily a state that does not recognise human rights. The right of a person who works as a carer of sick people, not to assist in killing the innocent or the right of a person not to be cared for by someone who assists in such killing, interfere with the State's agenda, and are thus, not only respected but actively attacked. This is tyranny - when the state decides what human rights shall be, thereby making humanity subject to its ideological whims. Is there a court in the land that will do its duty to uphold the inherent rights of man against the invalid attempts of the state to deny them and prevail against them?

  4. Soon, in America, the land of the once-free, Nurses will be mandated to do early abortions, (saves money don't ya know!?) and assist in late term abortions. Those that won't will not meet new licensure Requirements, so for the nurses that see their work as their vocation- caring and healing for fellow humans, well, they either submit or lose their jobs. Tragic isn't it? Those that see the dignity in every person and are the ones you would want caring for you or your lived ones will be forced out.

  5. This makes me so sick and angry, I can only sputter.