Saturday, 15 December 2012

63% of Catholics want The Feast of the Holy Family.......

........dedicated, this year,  to the cause of preserving the sanctity of Christian marriage!

Damned statistics 
That is an amazing statistic, 63% of English and Welsh Catholics would like Archbishop Vincent Nichols to declare all Masses celebrated on this great feastday, to be offered up to defeat the moves to establish same-sex "marriage" and to emphasize the sanctity of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Well......63% of those readers who voted in the poll on my sidebar would like the dedication to take place.....that may not count for very much as national surveys go but, hey! it's an indicator and that must count for something. Yes? No?

And 58% (it was a multiple choice vote) would like to march on London singing Salve Regina and reciting the Rosary, standing in a group outside the Houses of Parliament (or should that be Archbishop's House?).

And, blow me down,  52% would like the Bishops to issue a joint pastoral letter to be made available over Christmas, telling all of us, including those CECO folk (Christmas and Easter Catholics Only), what a shady bunch of ne'er do wells this Government is and that we should not vote Conservative next time round, or Labour, or Dim Lib.

With such a small margin between each of these results it seems pretty obvious to me that we few, we band of etc., actually would like the Bishops of England and Wales to get up off their Episcopal Thrones and do something!

Yes, I know, several of our good Bishops have made balanced statements that make the point but we need a concerted approach; right now it appears to David Cameron as if only a handful of Britain's many Catholics are opposed to his plans.

And as he appears to have lost all contact with the common man (if he ever had it) he will carry on in blissful ignorance of the enormity of his deeds.

Until the next election, that is.


  1. Richard, once upon a time (rather a long time ago, I know) the Knights of St Columba were very active in the Catholic Church in England, and regularly spear-headed parochial activities which needed a fair bit of organising - they had the contacts and the social nous! If this organisation still exists, and assuming their cooperation, could they not be asked to organise local marches/processions in support of traditional marriage? If these were organised in the large towns and cities, I believe that they would receive considerable support from all sections of the community and all faiths. In theory it does not seem an insurmountable project, and what an achievement it would be in this Year of Faith! And it might even have some impression on our political dictators! This is a practical exercise that could best be organised by the laity, always with the backing of the clergy of course. What do you think?


  2. Brian, interesting you should mention the KSC, my father was one for most of his adult life. I am uncertain about their stance today. I might do some delving in the New Year. Meanwhile, I like the actions of The Legion of Mary. Richard