Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What are you doing on 21st December?

                              So, OK, give or take 14 months or so

I mean, will you be hiding in the cellar with your stock of corned beef and bottles of spring water, waiting for the blast of trumpets, the shuddering of earthquakes, fire and brimstone?

If you are a member of the Church of Latter Day Mayans you may well be preparing to batten the hatches or take to the hills, whichever seems more appropriate because, in the Mayan Calendar, the page for the 21st December 2012  has a large red ring around it.


Because the world is due to end on that day - no big whoop then?

Not for us Catholics, we take no notice of such superstitious gobbledy gook.

We know that no one, not even the Holy Father, knows when crunch time will be upon us so just what is the point of worrying? We should all be living our lives as if the world is going to end tomorrow anyway.

I know what I shall be doing. I shall be raising a glass of the O be Joyful to my grandaughter, Eva, whose birthday it is; and may she enjoy many, many more years of life.
She will be two years old on that date and that is a great age of innocence, long may it continue!


  1. I'll be celebrating the start of the Christmas holidays, after having turned in my homework to close the semester. Mac McLernon will be proud of me.
    Well, an early happy birthday to her! I love babies and toddlers! She sounds adorable, and what a beautiful Christmas gift for her parents and your family.


  2. Matthew, she is adorable and will hopefully grow in the Faith. Richard

  3. Attending Mass before work . Why do fools like Harold Camping persist when clearly the Scriputural injunction is that no one- including the Pope/Patriarch of the West-knows when the end will be but only God the Father