Sunday, 16 December 2012

The unintelligible journey

.....a grave disappointment, not so much JRR Tolkien as W Disney.

I have never watched a Dungeons and Dragons video game but I have seen the odd commercial for this type of computerised imagery and I think that the ads are somewhat superior to The Hobbit film.

The script borders on the banal and poor old JRR must be spinning in his grave at such moronic treatment of his pride and joy.

I think I would have rather spent 24 hours watching the Ice Age animated films on a loop than this nonsense.

Well, The Hobbit was certainly wild and woolly


  1. I think you would go pretty bonkers after watching Ice Age on a loop.


  2. can't have seen The Hobbit. Richard

  3. Am I alone in thinking Tolkien's magnum opus utter tosh and unreadable? When I was at university forty years ago, pseuds were comparing it to the Ring of the Nibelungs. Give me Wagner any day.

    1. You are hardly alone among the intelligentsia, who as P.G. Wodehouse noted "are notoriously fond of the most frightful bilge".

  4. thanks for sharing.