Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Christmas Masses than meet the eye

Wot! No Latin Masses at Christmas?

Following on from my dirge regarding the dire state of the Archdiocese of Westminster and its appalling lack of Latin Mass provision over Christmas, a number of kind people have added comments giving details of Masses that are not on the LMS list.

So here they are:-

First, from Fr Ray Blake at St Mary Magdalene's in Brighton. Fr Ray points out that he will be celebrating a 9am Low Mass on Christmas Day - what a sensible time for a Mass; it allows a bit of early morning breathing space and means that, even if there is a brief post Mass jolly, one can be back at the stove for c.11am.

Next, from Our Friend in the North, we have a veritable cornucopia of Latin Masses:-

You might like the following Christmas Eve/Day 2012 TLM to your list,which are being celebrated in Tyne & Wear-North of England: 
St Mary's. Forest Hall, Newcastle-Christmas Eve. Missa Cantata at Midnight. 
St Joseph's. Gateshead-Christmas Day. Low Mass at 9.00am. 
St Mary's. Barnard Castle-Christmas Day. Low Mass at 9.00am.
 Sacred Heart & English Martyrs. Thornley-Christmas Day. Low Mass at 9.30am. 
The Society Of St Pius X. Holy Name Gateshead-Christmas Day at 11.am 
St Dominic's Priory.Newcastle-Christmas Day. Missa Cantata at 11.30am.

Momangelica (from the buns and biscuits city) offers these Mass times and locations for Clifton Diocese

Not really wanting to throw a spanner in the works Richard but Re- Clifton, you have missed out the Latin services at St Saviours. 
Christmas Mass at Midnight, 8am and 10am. St Agnes Avenue, Bristol, BS4 2DU. 

And John Nolan (from Cadburyville) has this to offer:

In Birmingham don't forget the Oratory whose Solemn Mass of Christmas Day is EF. By the way, an OF Latin Mass is still a Latin Mass, and in the dark days when the Old Rite was all but proscribed, we were very grateful for it.

Thank you all, I am sure those good folk in Macklin Street will wish to amend their listings.

A shame that they cannot (or, will not) include the SSPX Masses, they are perfectly valid and acceptable to Rome are they not?
Are they worried such inclusion might upset the B*****s? (that's Bishops, by the way).


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  2. Mac, profuse apologies, I blitzed your comment in error. You indeed have the light of Providence on you in Blackfen and, yes, I know Fr Ray is an A & B priest, things have b
    ecome a little more nationwide since my first post. I do believe that Blackfen's Latin Masses are already on the LMS listings. Richard