Sunday, 9 December 2012

Turkeys vote for Christmas and Tories for Gay "Marriage"

Of course, there's nothing gay about this bunch!

David Cameron and his chums just don't seem to get it - the great British public does not want homosexual "marriage" in churches, registry offices, synagogues, temples or anywhere else for that matter.

The whole concept is preposterous but Cameron seems to think that the homosexual vote is the one to go for.

Now, I know that there are lots of London to Guildford Bi-sexuals around and I also know that some are Christians but the heterosexual population, who are Christian, must far outweigh the ones who are on the wrong bus.

My local MP is opposed to the Prime Minister's plan and he is not alone; nothing focuses an MPs mind more than the prospect of joining the dole queue in a couple of year's time.
Well over 100 Tory backbenchers don't like the way the party is drifting into airy fairy politics.

They can see disaster looming up on them like a runaway express train heading for the buffers, the old Etonian buffers in Downing Street.

The fact that our PM cannot see the blooming obvious renders him unfit for purpose. He must go and go soon if the Conservatives are to cling on to power.

I do believe that the Catholic vote, along with other Christian denominations, will topple the Tories.
I shall not be voting Conservative next time round; I do not who who will get my vote, there really is not very much to choose from.
It may have to be the Monster Raving Loony Party, they appear to be the most sane out of a poor bunch.


  1. "...there really is not very much to choose from..."

    Our political masters have long been leaders on the road to Hell. My theory is that the 1967 Abortion Act was passed by MPs who saw it as back-up contraception while "playing away from home". This evening comes the news that the Brixton Adulterer has thrown his support behind the Etonian sodomists.

  2. I hear Fairy lights have been abolished at no. 10

    So I guess Cameron will be very lonely except when the Cabinet meets there.


  3. Patricius, forgive my ignorance but I need more of a clue (without you risking litigation).