Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Holidays.....or Happy Winterval?

A non Catholic Robin

A few of my non Catholic friends are at pains to send me Christmas email greetings along the above lines.

I am not a paranoid person but I do think that they are out to nail me and my Catholic Faith.

So, by way of return,I usually send something along the following lines and, at the same time, paste in a picture of the most traditional Nativity scene that I can find.......

"........and I wish you and your family a very holy, happy and peaceful feast of the birth of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, redeemer of the world, God made man, born of the Virgin Mary, bringer of the truth to all men that they might believe and be saved"

That's not over the top is it?

A very holy, happy and peaceful Nativity to you all!

Before the paling of the stars,
Before the winter morn,
Before the earliest cockcrow
Jesus Christ was born:
Born in a stable,
Cradled in a manger,
In the world His Hands had made
Born a Stranger.

Priest and King lay fast asleep
In Jerusalem,
Young and old lay fast asleep
In crowded Bethlehem:
Saint and Angel, Ox and Ass,
Kept a watch together,
Before the Christmas daybreak
In the winter weather.

Jesus on His Mother's breast
In the stable cold,
Spotless Lamb of God was He,
Shepherd of the Fold:
Let us kneel with Mary Maid,
With Joseph bent and hoary,
With Saint and Angel, Ox and Ass,
To hail the King of Glory.

Christina Rossetti


  1. Merry Christmas.
    No, not over the top at all.


  2. Merry Christmas and have a lovely day.

  3. have a Happy Christmas! And I did attend a Latin Mass...

  4. Still time to wish you and your family not the compliments of the season, but a merry and blessed Christmas.

  5. Happy Christmas ..... and I like your style!

  6. I like your message. Very Good. Happy and blessed Christmas.

  7. A very merry Christmas to you and yuor family. By the way my boss who says she is an atheist-complains about the Catholic identity of our employer-a social servcie agency of the church ehre in Melbourne. For her Christmas card I gave her one from Ryder Chesfire Foundation Australia-a icon of the Madonna and Child.
    Reinforcing my Catholic indentity

  8. Dear Friends, please excuse me not responding individually, rude, I know but as my message would be roughly the same in each case, I am trying to convince myself that it is sensible. Ahem.Thank you for your kind comments, it warms my heart to know that there are others out there who believe as I believe (I say this because we have largely led an isolated existence within the Faith over the past 25 years or so). Blogging has brought me into a community of fellow bloggers, readers and commentators, and for that I am most grateful. Richard