Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Training midwives in the dark art

The dark art being, of course, abortion.

It would seem unthinkable that a woman (most midwives are women) who has dedicated her career to aiding the safe delivery of a baby and the pre and post natal care of the mother, should even contemplate the act of abortion let alone become an abortionist.

But that is what an American organisation called Ipas is doing, recruiting and training midwives to become destroyers of life.

Here is their proud claim to fame:-

characters from
Is this the most evil computer game in the world?

Since 2001, Ipas has trained more than 10,000 midwives in abortion and 
postabortion care because we believe that midwives are an integral part of 
reproductive health care. From Nepal to Nigeria, these trained midwives contribute 
to better maternal health and fewer deaths from unsafe abortion

Ipas has also developed what they call an "innovative computer game" designed to guide a young woman through the stages beginning with a missed period and culminating in termination - end game!

If you have the stomach to read their glib copy, you can find out about the "game" HERE

It is only a question of time before such "initiatives" are made freely available in Britain.

BPAS has some guidance on the issue using what must be the most inappropriate wording possible, for example, when discussing manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) the process whereby, in the early stages of pregnancy, the infant is hoovered out of the womb, they describe as being a "gentle hand-operated" process. Weasel wording if ever was.

Here is part of their sales pitch:-

"Can appropriately-trained nurses safely carry out abortion procedures?
Yes. Forty years ago when the Abortion Act was drafted, today’s modern, less invasive early abortion methods were not available and the nursing role was much more restricted. Nurses already carry out several modern early abortion procedures including early medical abortion (the ‘abortion pill’ method), but can’t prescribe the medicine for this, due to the restrictions of the present law2. Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) is a method of early surgical abortion (offered from 4 weeks’ to 12 weeks’ gestation), which removes the pregnancy using a gentle hand-operated suction pump3 and does not require full anaesthesia. The level of technical skill required to do this is of a similar level to fitting a contraceptive ‘coil’ (IUD/IUS) which BPAS’ and NHS family-planning trained nurses already routinely do, but because of the specifications of the 1967 law, appropriately-trained abortion nurses are not able to offer this to women".

The moves to train midwives to destroy rather than save may backfire on the likes of BPAS as, in general, I do believe that the British public have a rather traditional view of the midwife as a homely, maternal sort of character who orders up gallons of hot water before skilfully delivering a healthy baby and slapping it on the back.

The actress, Miranda Hart has aided this image of wholesome goodness in her series 'Call the midwife' - it would be hard to imagine the television viewing public being similarly enamoured if she was to start killing life in the womb rather than delivering a bonny baby.


  1. The weak excuses for induced abortion ("What if it were your daughter?" and "If men could get pregnant...") are fraudulent in themselves, but even the least perceptive among us must be appalled at the satanic enthusiasm for murdering babies.

    As the Scotch Doctor in MACBETH says in horrified response to absolute evil, "God, God have mercy on us all."

    - Mack in Texas

  2. Many years ago -when a protestant christian and they do worship the Same God by the way and believe that Christ died for the lost ,and was Conceived by Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary- as an already Registered Nurse i decided to do midwifery at a catholic hospitla here in Melbourne ,because of the anti abortion stance of the Catholic church .
    I was taught that only the British and commowealth countries do obstetrics properly,the Yanks being 'cowboys'.
    This news only reinforces my belief in that stance ,and that the USA will be judged by a Holy Righteous God-as will my own country Australia -for our selfishness,our hedonism and godlessness

  3. I couldn't even finish reading your post because it's too terrible for words.


  4. Diabolical. Just like the abortionist "Vera" in the eponymous film that is constantly being rerun on TV in an effort to normalise the killing of innocent, defenceless children in utero.