Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas is just a myth

The first time this sentence was uttered in my presence I felt a few shockwaves flow through my body.
I have heard it several times since and it still tends to rock me back on my heels somewhat.

There is, it appears, a sizeable proportion of the population (certainly of the British Isles) who regard the birth of Jesus Christ as pure fantasy; it didn't happen, after all it was 2,000 years ago, where's the proof?

These same folk often have a keen interest in things historical, ancient even .

Egyptology, Paleantology, you name it, they like it, in fact, they appear to be fans of quite a lot of ologies.
Most of these interests pre date the birth of Christ by a couple of thousand years at least.

So, where's the proof that Tutankhamun existed?  How do we know that Sabre toothed tigers once prowled around Westminster Cathedral? And where's the evidence that early man fashioned tools and weapons out of stone?


  1. Tolkien would have some words for them on what constitutes a myth.

  2. Happy Christmas, Richard.

    I suppose one response to someone who asserts that Christmas is merely a myth might be to ask them how they can be so sure. Another might be to congratulate them upon finding the perfect excuse for not giving any presents!