Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lose weight with a Catholic diet

The aftermath of Christmas festivities means, inevitably, the usual round of diet fads designed to remove the excesses of too much food and drink.

I have come across a diet that appears eminently sensible and feasible; I have not tried it (I need to) but the author is a good friend and has a background both as a family GP and a researcher into all matters concerned with health.

                             Fast and do penance - and lose weight!

Dr Caroline Shreeve is a lover of the Latin Tridentine Mass and she resides in Wales, not far from me.

Her book is based on a 14 day diet plan that can shed up to 19lbs in the same period - yikes!

What is more, she claims that, on her FBF (Fat Burner Foods) diet you will not feel the pangs of hunger - double yikes!

On the down side you must forgo alcohol (well, what did you expect?) and you must stick to the plan.

Caroline's premise (in one brief sentence) is that some foods actually burn off more calories than they contain.
A portion of Brussels Sprouts, for example, contains, say 50 calories but the body utilises 75 calories purely in the digestion process, some 25 calories are, therefore, effectively "burnt off"

That is a crude example and one would not wish to make sprouts the basis of a daily menu ( look what happened to Richard Dawkins) but Caroline has researched and tested this diet over quite a few years.

Of course, weight loss is also aided by physical exercise or, even, breathing exercises. I would not like to give the impression that it is all down to food type intake.

I suspect that, if the great and the famous came across this diet, Dr Shreeve would rapidly become the food guru of 2013 - meanwhile, if you would like a copy of her book it is available on Amazon (at a very modest price).


  1. Trusting, BTW, that you and yours have had a blessed Christmas, and are able in the midst of this world's cares to bask in such blessings till twelth night, re this post I have something twixt a query and a possible brickbat:
    As a onetime adopted native of, inter alia, NortheastBedfordshire,both from conviction , friendship with growers, and the like, whilst having shed much over the decades I remain a staunch defender of quality Brussels sprouts, and bristle to see their good name besmirched and mired on the public square by association with Mr Dawkins, that "objective" man for whom all Catholics are vile and etc.
    A quick google search fails to show me what of Dawkins is thus attributable, unless it be that man cannot live by sprouts alone.Or is it intellectual stalking? Or Wind?
    On the contrary , I have found brassica genetics more condusive of Behe-support, just as the plant gentics related to human breast cancer are.


  2. Christmas Greetings Mike. I did not mean to detract from the good name of Brussels Sprouts, a most traditional vegetable. But, a mono diet of sprouts does produce typhoon like quantities of wind which, as we all know, the dear Prof suffers from most incontinently.

    1. Thanks!
      Northeastbedforshire honour is satisfied.
      I fear a brassicalessdiet would suffice not in this case!
      God bless!

  3. Richard,
    Hope you and yours had a blessed and great Christmas Day-I'm going for the Diet Book;but I feel I will need a great deal of Divine intervention also!

    God Bless,


  4. Thanks Richard and all. Very entertaining. Delightful. And I too am getting the book. And by the way, it's the first diet book I will have ever got.

  5. Interesting, but I don't believe the 'giving up alcohol' bit.

    I do that every Lent, and it's never made anything more than the slightest difference to my weight - ounces rather than pounds.

  6. JM - you are metabolically gifted! One glass of wine and I add a pound to my weight. Sadly, envy is still a sin last time I looked. Richard.