Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gay marriage and a letter for David Cameron

The sheep are waiting for the shepherd to wake up

Yesterday I posted on how the Catholic Bishops have a golden opportunity to influence the Government by issuing a pastoral letter on same-sex "marriage" at Midnight and /Christmas Day Masses.

That letter, although intended for the Catholic community, would go direct to David Cameron's in-tray and, if he ignored the contents, he would, indeed, be leading his troops to obscurity and the job centre.

The letter could focus on the Feast of the Holy Family (how very appropriate) on 30th December and, as an extra thought, how powerful would it be to dedicate every Mass offered on this great feastday, to the cause of maintaining the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

This last move would, I imagine, require a lead from Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

So now, if you have not posted on the need for a pastoral letter (please consider doing so, this is a Spartacus moment, don't let it slip through your fingers) and also email or write to your own Bishop and to Archbishop Nichols if you have not already done so.

And finally, please cast your vote in the poll on the sidebar.......are you in favour of a pastoral letter at Christmas?...............should all Masses on the Feast of The Holy Family be dedicated to preserving the Sacrament of Marriage?........or, should we all sit back and let it wash over us?


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  2. Sorry, Aged Parent, I blitzed your comment in error. The Scottish Bishops certainly seem to have the right spirit, God bless them all. Richard.