Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Archbishops attack......with feather dusters!

Tickling David Cameron pink!

Archbishops Vincent Nichols of Westminster and Peter Smith of Southwark made a statement to the Prime Minister yesterday decrying the move to legalise same-sex marriage.

It was, if I remember correctly, the Labour MP, Dennis Skinner, who, many years ago described an attack by Conservative politician, Geoffrey Howe MP, as: "Like being savaged by a dead sheep."

That really is how their Graces' message comes across; too little, too weak, too late.

But what could they have done now that the National Census report that shows that the number of Christians in Britain now equals roughly the number of three legged chickens and that belief in God is virtually non-existent (other than in the Muslim community).

Well - they could have done and, indeed still have time to do one of the following:-

1. Issue a Christmas Pastoral letter to make the 'sleeping' Catholic community fully aware of the value of Christian marriage.

2. Dedicate all Masses on the Feast of the Holy Family (December 30th) to the cause of preserving the sanctity of marriage.

3. Organise a national march to the House of Commons

4. Gather together all the Cardinals and Bishops of Great Britain and walk, as a body, the Tyburn route, reciting the Rosary at Marble Arch (site of the 'Tyburn Tree')

5. Dedicate a national day of prayer and penance on behalf of the cause.

6. Lobby all Catholic MPs and Peers to ensure that they are at one with the requirements of their beliefs.

Perhaps you could suggest some more initiatives?

Surely any of the above would be a valid response and much, much better than a rather weak "Dear John".

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  1. Don't get me started. I heard ++Smith on Radio 4 trying so hard not be seen as a nasty bigot he was doing triple verbal somersaults. It was a pathetic performance.
    Next he fronted up with ++VN, using the UKBC as cover. Yet again, they want the pbi to put their heads above the parapet while they stay snug at staff HQ.
    Any of your suggestions would be something.
    Why not declare that it is incumbent on a Catholic not to vote for any MP who approves homosexual marriage? Oh, sorry they didn't say that about abortion either.

  2. Something every Catholic could do: beg the Nuncio to get Vin deposed!
    Or at least to be told that never, ever should he be given a red hat. The man is a hireling. He is tolerant of dissidents, silent on important issues like this, encouraging of the Soho Masses, destructive of institutions like the Vaughan.
    He shows himself again and again incapable of effective leadership, he needs to be removed before he does further damage to the Church in this country.

  3. Hi - it was Dennis Healey incidentally.

    I think Archbishop Mennini is very aware of the situation and is very far from going native...rather he's becoming the leader of the opposition!!

    [it's a fine situation when a certain individual appeals to his predecessor to do all he can to rid him of a turbulent cleric - it failed!!]

    +Vin has to go - the appointment of Paul Barber shows that he simply has no inclination to take any hint....


  4. OTSOTA - course it was, bad memory. Agreed, I think we are at tipping point.