Thursday, 1 November 2012

Google just doesn't get it

Today, November 1st, is All Saints Day.

A day celebrated by the vast majority of Christian denominations.
That means, without any exaggeration, that many millions of people worldwide, will hold today as being very special.

If they are Catholic they are bound to attend Holy Mass to fulfil their obligation.

So what do Google feature today on their web page?

                                              Lowry's 'Matchstick Saints'

A painting by J.S. Lowry who was born on November 1st 1887.

Great. Lowry aficionados must be enthralled, all eight of them (after all he is the most overrated artist of the past 100 years).
 I cannot understand why anyone would wish to have one of his paintings on their wall.

But the bigger picture is that Google is snubbing Christianity; it seems to be searching for any old alternative theme rather than feature anything remotely connected with Christ.

Have you ever seen a Google featuring the crucified Christ at Easter? Or a depiction of the risen Christ on Ascension Day?


Well, watch out for robins on logs and horse drawn coaches this Christmas.


  1. "...a depiction of the risen Christ on Assumption Day?"

    Might I suggest Our Lady on Assumption day and the risen Lord on Ascension Day?


  2. Thanks Patricius, mental decay strikes again. Richard