Monday, 26 November 2012

No Mass in Westminster at Christmas?

That's what it looks like, I hope that I am wrong and, oh yes, I do mean Tridentine Latin Masses.

"Latin Mass on Christmas Day? Bah! Humbug!"

I have checked with our good friends at the LMS online and nothing is listed for Christmas Day.

It would be helpful (if, indeed, there are some occult (no, wrong context) hidden Masses available) for the Society to feature a special Christmas section because, as you can see from the badly transcribed listing, it is not overly user friendly (but the format is much better on the LMS website).

The Oratory, Brompton Road, LONDON SW7 2RP Sundays
Mon to Sat (St Joseph’s Altar)
Saturdays (usually in St
Wilfred’s Chapel)[1]
Low Mass
Low Mass
Low Mass
St. James's, Spanish Place, LONDON W1U 3QY Sundays
Holy Days of Obligation
Tue 1 Jan (Circumcision)[2]
Low Mass
Low Mass
Sung Mass
Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, COVENT GARDEN, London WC2E 7NA Mondays
2nd Fridays
Sat 2 Feb (Purification)[2]
Sung Mass
Low Mass
Sung Mass &
Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Street, VICTORIA, London SW1P 1QW 2nd Saturdays (Lady Chapel)
Sat 17 Nov (Annual Requiem)
Sat 2 Mar
Low Mass
Pontifical High
High Mass
St Etheldreda, Ely Place, LONDON EC1N 6RY 1st Fridays 6.00pm Low Mass
St. John the Baptist, 3 King Edward's Road, HACKNEY, London E9 7SF 1st Fridays 6.00pm Low Mass
St Mary Moorfields, Eldon Street, LONDON EC2M 7LS Fridays 7.45am Low Mass
Holy Trinity and St Augustine, London Road, BALDOCK, Herts SG7 6LQ 1st Sundays 3.00pm Low Mass
St. Edmund of Canterbury & English Martyrs, Farm Lane, Old Hall Green,
Nr. WARE, Hertfordshire SG11 1DT
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays 3.00pm Low/Sung
Our Lady of Lourdes & St Michael, Osborn Rd, UXBRIDGE, UB8 1UE 1st Fridays[3] 7.00pm Sung Mass
Church of Our Lady and St Catherine of Siena, 177 Bow Road, Bow,
Fri 2 Nov (All Souls)
Low Mass
Sung Mass

All other Diocesan listings have the Mass at Christmas listed as such.


  1. If this changes, will you let us all know, please?


  2. Of course, Supertradmum. God bless. Richard

  3. The London Oratory publishes its Christmas Masses on its website, and the 9am Mass on Christmas Day is EF; there is also one at 8am on Christmas Eve and at 11am on Boxing Day. Midnight Mass and the 11am on Christmas Day are of course Solemn Latin OF. I find the latter quite acceptable. Birmingham Oratory's principal Mass is Solemn EF, as per Sundays.


  4. Thank you John, but they are not on the LMS site (as yet). Those that you have listed are also not much use to a young mum with 2 small children living in Hertfordshire. I would expect more from Westminster. Richard

  5. Thank you for bringing this issue up.

    We at the LMS office are currently in the process of creating a Mass Listing for both the Immaculate Conception and Christmas.

    They should be available to the public by the end of the week.

    As to the situation at Westminster Cathedral, we have to concede that the situation is bleak.

    The Provision of Masses in Westminster Diocese according to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum and the clarification Universae Eccesiae, is one of the poorest in the country.

    We pray that Westminster Diocese will decide, in charity, to provide the Traditional Latin Mass at more venues (such as anywhere outside of Central London, for instance in it's North London Parishes) at more charitable times.

    With regards to our format, we appreciate the feedback, and while it has been the practice of the LMS to use PDF documents to publish our listings, we do hope to change that in the not too distant future to make them more accessible and searchable.

    God bless.

  6. I agree, but until we have more priests willing and able to offer the Usus Antiquior as part of the regular (and published) parish schedule at a convenient hour, the situation will not improve. Such priests will have to take a lot of flak from parishioners, particularly older ones who say 'we don't want to go back to that'.

    Had SP come out thirty years before it did, when most priests were trained in the UA and the NO was still a novelty, the situation might have been different.


  7. John, it would be helpful if those priests who offer the UA but don't feature it on their parish notices, would do so. There are quite a few around.

  8. Similar situation in Cardiff. Not a single TLM in Cardiff over Christmas. Such a shame