Thursday, 29 November 2012

Another good Catholic lay speaker

And a female which is good because we need more women coming forward to redress any imbalance there may be and to represent their gender within a Catholic context.

She is also American which is fine for her and for Catholics in the USA but it would be good if there was an English Catholic Voice of similar calibre - of course, good also to have a French, Spanish,  or Welsh speaker but let's not try to eat all of the elephant at one sitting.

I know of at least one young Catholic woman, not English admittedly, but English is her first language, who would be more than capable of speaking, Voris style, to camera or to an audience; I am sure there are many more and men also.

The woman on the video is Helen Alvare and, if you can spare just under one hour of your time, you will not be disappointed at the end.


  1. Richard,
    Excellent speaker who stands up for Catholic Principles and Truth-pity that the majority of our Hierarchy had the courage to do the same!

    God Bless,



  2. Thanks Michael. God bless. Richard